16 Delicious Flower Jelly Recipes

Although cold weather isn’t quite behind us, Spring has definitely arrived. The flowers are just beginning to wake from their long slumber and emerge reborn from their earthy graves. Pretty soon we’ll be surrounded by gorgeous shades of pink, white, yellow, orange, purple, and everything in between. My absolute favorite part of Spring is finding new wild edibles growing around our land. It seems every year brings a new discovery, and a unique addition to our foraged meals.

Flower jellies have become a fun staple in our food pantry as I’ve been learning more about which blossoms are safe to be consumed. It has been surprising to discover how many of the flowers I’ve planted around my home for landscaping purposes are actually edible! Now when I plant flowers, I specifically look for varieties that are not only beautiful to look at, but are edible, medicinal, or otherwise useful in a survival situation.

If you don’t have fruit or berry bushes readily accessible, or if you just like to experiment with different flavors, flower blossoms make an excellent (and free!) ingredient to add to your next batch of jelly. Don’t forget to share them with your friends! These unique jellies make wonderful gifts.

Here are 16 awesome ideas for jellies you can make from foraged flower blossoms… (click here to continue reading)

5 thoughts on “16 Delicious Flower Jelly Recipes”

  1. Tried twice to read your article but Firefox tells me there is a security threat if I follow that link. Please look into that so we can read the interesting article on floral jellies. Many thanks

  2. I used to make Rose petal jelly, when I had a larger garden with enough roses that is, and I loved it. Kept for years canned and I used to add it to ice creams, cordials and homemade wines and it was quite flavourful (I am spelling flavourful that way because I am English lol!) Glad you reminded me, I need to find some more friends with large gardens I suppose.

  3. Being in Alaska during the summer every year, I have enjoyed making jelly from the abundant Fireweed flower petals. Also honey from clover and Fireweed flowers. I am very anxious to try the Wild Rose jelly NOW!
    Thank you for sharing your recipes!
    Lynne Martin


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