What To Do With Strawberry Runners

strawberry runners

So, I think my strawberry plants are done producing for the season. In all, we got about 10 little strawberries from our patch. (Next year should be better!)

Now that they are done producing fruits, the mother plants have begun sending off “runners”, the long shoots you see in the picture. I debated what I should do with these.

Since my plants are first year plants, I decided to cut off the runners so that the “mother” plant would have all of it’s energy to help it grow bigger and better for next year.

But since strawberry plants only produce well for about 3 years, they will need to be replaced eventually. Planting runners is an excellent way to extend your crop without having to buy more plants.

Here is how to plant your runners:

  • When you find a well established runner, put it in some potting soil or compost (still attached to the parent plant), so that it’s roots can get established.
  • Once rooted, let it grow in it’s soil for about a week before cutting it off from the parent.
  • Gently snip the runner from the parent plant, and there you have it, a whole new strawberry plant!
  • It’s best to plant this new one away from the mother plant to keep your strawberry patch orderly and to allow each plant adequate space for gathering nutrients.

So, next year I’ll let my runners take root, and start a younger patch of strawberry plants to replace my older ones when they aren’t as fruitful anymore.

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  1. Great post! This is my first year with a strawberry bed and your post couldn’t have come at a better time! Now I know what to do with the little runners!


  2. Great post. I don’t have strawberry plants anymore but I used to replant them when we did. I had 3 beautiful strawberry beds in our home we sold a year and a half ago, and an established asparagus bed and the new owner got rid of them all. I get frustrated every time I go by the house! Oh well I guess not everyone likes home grown food!

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