What Does Goat’s Milk Taste Like??

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I’ve been asking myself this question for a year now. And although I have several friends who have milk goats, I’d yet to try goat’s milk… until a couple of days ago. Jerry and I were visiting with some new friends of ours. I knew they had milk goats, so I asked if they had any goat’s milk I could try. Of course, they had a fresh jug in the fridge and were happy to let me have a taste.

Just a little, please. Really, just a little bit.” I requested. Not sure if I’d even be able to swallow it down, I didn’t want to waste any.

She poured a small amount into a glass, and I anxiously put it to my lips.

Hmmmm. Wow! That’s good!” I exclaimed. I was very pleasantly surprised! I totally expected a goaty flavor. But it wasn’t like that at all. In fact, it wasn’t much different from cow’s milk. I excitedly gave my husband a taste, and got the same reaction from him as well.

So for all of you who were wondering what goat’s milk tastes like, it’s good. And you don’t have to acquire a taste for it. At least, this was our experience. And this is coming from a city girl, who has never in her life had goat’s milk, and doesn’t even like goat’s milk cheese.

But please know that fresh goat’s milk is way better than anything you can buy in the store. After the first day, the milk starts taking on a stronger flavor, and the longer it sits, the stronger it tastes. What you could buy in the store is not even comparable to fresh goat’s milk. Just so you know.

I am incredibly encouraged. Now that I know I like goat’s milk, I know that it would be worth it to get goat’s for milking eventually. We really don’t have room for a cow, and goats are so much cheaper to maintain. Now I can’t wait to have my own milking goats!!

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  1. Kathy, I’m so glad to read your comments likening goats milk products to cheese! I can’t stand the taste of lamb and unfortunately can’t eat goat’s milk cheese because of the overwhelming flavour of whatever it is that I don’t like in lamb. I thought I was crazy until I spoke to a cheese maker who confirmed that there is a particular food element/acid (I can’t remember exactly) contained in both. Until now I have never hear of anyone else who picks up on the similar tastes!

    • I just purchased a quart of fresh goat milk at the market. It is store bought, so not as fresh as from a just milked goat. I like the taste when I first take a sip. But after I swallow it I notice a particularly gamy taste. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like a barn yard under-taste. I put some Ovaltine in it and tried again. But that taste won’t go away. I hate to throw it out. It was $5. per quart. Where I live, that’s equal to the cost of 2 gallons of cows milk.

  2. I decided to try Goat milk tonight. I was shocked how much I could taste the flavor of lamb in it. I cannot think of cooking with it if I am going to have the flavor of lamb in it. I like lamb. Lamb is one of my favorite meats. I just don’t prefer to drink it. I can’t imagine making fudge with goat milk if it will make my fudge taste like lamb.

    I keep reading where people say that when they drink goats milk they say they cannot taste any kind of flavor in it. It amazes me. Did I buy the wrong kind of goat milk?

    What brand do you encourage people to drink?
    the brand I tried is
    Meyenberg (since 1934) Goat Milk.

    I had a glass with my dinner. I cooked pork chops. I tell you the truth! The lamby (or goaty) taste in the milk kept fighting my pork chop. I will definitely drink the goat milk with a lamb chop…then the battle won’t be so strong.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

    • Kathy,

      LOL… the problem is that you weren’t drinking fresh goat’s milk. After it’s about two days old, it begins taking on a strong flavor. If you want good goat’s milk you’ll need to find somebody who sells fresh milk daily. Or get your own milk goat 😉 Any store-bought milk will have a goaty flavor. Sorry!! Don’t give up on goat’s milk though! It really is good fresh 🙂

    • I recently bought Meyenberg brand goat milk and it is horrible in taste. I decided to stick to Mt.Capra whole goat milk it is delicious. My daughter has been on it since baby.

  3. We have nubians. Our milk tastes good but there is a pretty goaty after taste. I’m thinking that maybe if we daily clean up the manure that it might help.

  4. Hi. My sister and I have Togs and have had them for several years. We have tried to drink the milk several times and it has a twangy/sour taste. I have therefore only used it for soapmaking. They used to get soda crackers and bread for a treat, but now they only get bread because we thought that the crackers could be causing the fowl taste…That wasn’t it.

    Then my sister stopped giving them medicated sweet feed, with the same idea in mind….That doesn’t seem to be the problem either.

    I tried pasturizing it today…Holy Cow, it got worse.

    Is it just the type of goats we have? It just tastes bad….

    • Hi, Sharon! Yes, it’s the breed of goat you have. Toggenburg milk is usually used for anything BUT the milk! You might want to try the Nubian or Nigerian breeds.

  5. Good to know. We would really like to get milking goats too, but I was really nervous about the taste. I have trouble choking down the store bought goats milk in front of my kids and don’t want to show ungratefulness. I look forward to making cheese, ice cream, yogurt… the whole gamut of milk treats. I just started making it at home with store bought cows milk. When I calculated out the prices, only yogurt, yogurt cheese, and sour cream where an economical endevour. Cheese and butter cost more to make at home from store bought milk. But one day…. we can have all that for cheap. God bless.

  6. I did a milk test on a goat milk hater, who swore he abhorred goat milk & could instantly tell the difference in cow & goat milk. We milked a cow & a goat at the time & set both milks before him to try. He swore up & down the cow’s milk was definitely the goat’s milk & the goat’s was the cow’s. Asked him to make sure, to try again, & again he affirmed his first reaction. We had a big laugh when we told him he liked the goat’s milk & not the cow’s. He said it must have been that the cow’s milk was not pasteurized. ‘ahem..’ I do love goat’s milk, but it can get bad in mating season when the buck gets that ‘ode de’ amore’ that his girls find irresistible. If you want milk that taste like the nasty canned goat’s milk from the store, that is what you’ll get when he rubs his nasty smell all over your milking doe. It is best to keep him in his own pen away from her except for that magical day when she needs him for mating. Cherve is the easiest cheese to make & the favorite of my children.

  7. Hi goat lovers. I saved one from slaughter many years ago. Her name was Daisy. When I called her she answered me!! I am now looking for small acreage in rural Pa. not far from Homestead type people. ANY help in locating such will be GREATLY appreciated. I need room for my dogs, which are now mainly an Italian Pointing breed, and an English herding and ratting breed, both of which are friendly. The Rotties are now my companions and protectors of 55 years. They have saved my life at least twice and prevented my house from burning down. I intend to have poultry, rabbits, a food garden, fruit trees ( and many other kinds), goats and my dogs. Goats are a must for me as I am lactose intolerant. I’m sure the reason cows milk is sweeter is because of the lactose, which is a form of sugar, nes pas?

  8. Glad to read this post. I had goat cheese once at a nice eatery, I really liked it! Then I tried buying some and it all tasted like dirty socks smell to me LOL. I read several blogs of people that raise goats, as we do as well :O). I have not milked our goats to date. I may soon though. More than for drinking I would love to find I liked home made goat cheese! That is what I would do with the milk.

  9. Hi to everyone. I actually bought milk goats 9 years ago without knowing whether we would like the milk or not! We did, of course, so that worked out, fortunately. Just a warning–the goats and the milk are addictive hobbies!

    There’s so much to learn when you first start. Last year I started the website http://www.everything-goat-milk.com to help people understand the benefits and uses of goat milk, because I remember how hard it was to find all the information I needed. I hope it can help all those starting out.

    By the way, everyone is right on target about getting the milk cold fast. If you’re really serious about having the best tasting milk, the best way I found for smaller amounts is to use an ice cream freezer. I could cool my milk to 40 degrees (from pasteurization temperature) in 20 minutes or less, which is Grade A standard–and everyone loved the taste.

  10. We have tried goat milk from Kroger’s and it was nasty. However,we have our own goats we milk and it is great! How you handle it helps a lot too! The fresh stuff is so good tasting!

  11. We started milking for the first time this year two. I have a pygmy mix that we have owned for 5 years but finally this year decided to try the milking thing. Her milk is so creamy and sweet, anyone who tries it loves it. I think everyone needs their very own milk supply in their back yard :). The going out of town part can be tricky but as long as you have someone coming over to take care of animals already what is a few extra minutes to milk? There are alot of people that are interested in it and might be willing to learn how to milk. Though if I didn’t have someone to milk while we are out of town I would not do it.

  12. We had also considered getting some milk goats for a while, then heard we will never get to have a family vacation, so laments a family who does it. They take them separately. So, while our children are so young we struggle with the thought. But desperate times call for desperate measures, right? For now we’re thinking meat goats. But now again I have a new interest. Thank you.

  13. We recently bought goats and in my research I learned that different breeds give different “flavors.” Some, like Toggenburgs often give a stronger milk. But then, these were bred for cheesemaking. Those with higher fat content are said to be the tastiest.

  14. My sister has a milking herd, with Nubians, LaManchas, and Nigerian Dwarfs. She’s a huge fan of Nubians. And yes, the taste of the milk has something to do with having the bucks in with the does. You’re gonna have to come up one day and play!

    The lady just down the street from me had a few nannies, and put up a sign in her yard. Just a few weeks later, she had to buy another entire herd to keep up with demand. I bought some from her to nurse the baby kittens I found under the house back to health. They didn’t touch the pasteurized, canned milk I gave them. But they fought over the fresh milk.

    Logan loves fresh goat milk and cheese, and we actually froze some orange dream goat cheese last night from Daddy’s Girl Dairy in Yadkinville and ate it like ice cream. Yum-o. I love the blueberry and cinnamon cheese on my bagel, too.

    All that to say – get a goat! I will, as soon as my fence is up. Keep us updated!

  15. Thank you for posting this Kendra! We are planning on getting milk goats next spring but I’ve been worried about actually trying it, afraid I would not like it. The pasteurized, less fresh goat milk I’ve tried made me gag because of the goaty aftertaste. I’m relieved to hear your experience and read the other comments. Bring on the goats!

  16. We bought a LaManche milk goat a few years ago, with all intentions of milking her. After she freshened this year, I bought some goat’s milk from Kroger, to try it before milking her. It tasted like a goat smells. I sold my LaManche 2 weekends ago.
    This past Saturday, I had a call from a lady who purchased a goat from me. She found two goats for FREE from a local guy and called me after she picked them up. She asked if I wanted the larger goat, a Nubian milking goat, for FREE. I took her. After reading about the Nubian goats, their milk is supposed to be creamier and contain more milk/butter fat for a better taste. I am keeping this little beauty now.

  17. I’ve raised Nubian dairy goats for years now and love them dearly! I’ve also discovered that I LOVE Nigerian Dwarf goats as well. We were given two this past spring and have fallen in love with their sweet nature. Goats milk is SO incredibly good for you too, raw that is. As long as it’s handled safely, your doe is clean, the area you milk in is clean and the milking equipment is clean. The key, we’ve found, to sweet tasting goats milk is to get it cold FAST! In the hot summer months, we milk onto a zipper sandwich bag filled with ice to get it colder faster. I make yogurt, sour cream, ice cream, several kinds of cheeses, buttermilk and kefir with my goats milk. So glad you had a good experience with the milk! Goats are so much fun….but are, at times, harder than a dairy cow in that they have a few more issues than cows do at times. They are fairly easy to handle though. Nubians have more spirit than other breeds…attitude, really. 🙂 But that is why we love them!

  18. We have had milk goats now for eight years and we love our goats.Currently we are only milking one and my 11 year old son takes care of that.It works out well.
    A few years back one of our relatives made a big deal about how they would be able to taste the difference between a goat and a cows milk and we laughed when we watched this same person pour a glass of what he thought was cows milk and guzzle it down.:)It was soooo funny.:)He still to this day does not believe that he would not know the difference.:)

  19. My family drinks goats milk. The only difference I can tell is that it’s not quite as sweet, but other than that I can tell no difference. And yes it’s MUCH better for you than store bought milk. I am so glad you liked it. =)

  20. Oh!! I get so excited talking about goat’s milk! I am a fairly new goat owner- we have only been milking since May of this year. I am in LOVE with them! It was such a great addition to our homestead.
    I had never had goat’s milk until I drank some from ours, and my thoughts were the same as yours, Kendra. It’s really no different than cow’s milk! I know if it’s handled poorly, it can taste goaty, but ours is fantastic! And I’ve already converted several of my skeptical friends. 🙂
    Mona- we just made ice cream this weekend with it- so fun. And I also love not having to buy expensive cream in order to make ice cream. So far I’ve also made yogurt, mozzarella, and farmer’s cheese with it. My husband likes a ice cold chocolate “frappe” every night. (just blend ice cubes, cocoa, splash of vanilla, raw milk, and little sugar).

    I would highly recommend dairy goats to any homesteader. I’m going to be sooo sad when I dry them up this winter. And just like Mona, we have chickens and horses too and the milking routine really doesn’t add much onto my morning chores. Wow, sorry to ramble, but I just love my raw goat milk!:)

  21. I am so excited for you! We are just getting into it, too. We bought 3 Nubians this spring as kids, so we should be in milk next Feb-Mar. We got them from a neighbor that has really been helpful in teaching me about how to properly care for them. I help her milk several times a week, it’s really pretty relaxing. I have also experimented with different pasteurization techniques. Milk tastes better pasteurized at 140 for 30 minutes than at 165 for 15 seconds. It is even better raw, but I like a the peace of mind for feeding it to my children. I say goats are a great option for family milk also because they don’t get that big. I wouldn’t want small kids in a field full of 1500 lb cows, but a few 150-175 lb goats are a bit less intimidating. Nubians are called the “jersey” of the goat world because they produce milk with a higher fat content, where Saanen’s give more milk with less milkfat.

  22. I keep two bucks with my eleven does and have no strong goaty flavored milk….I let a neighbor taste my goat milk Sunday and they like you were pleasantly surprised….

  23. My friend just got two baby goats, they both died with two months…apparently they ate something they shouldnt have. She spent a lot of money on them. So make sure there pen is strong and nothing toxic to goats… (such as railroad ties) are around.

  24. I hear that the “goaty” flavor comes from the milking doe being near the buck. They pee on themselves and just being near the does gives the milk a musky flavor. Interesting, huh? ; )

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