I’ve been asking myself this question for a year now. And although I have several friends who have milk goats, I’d yet to try goat’s milk… until a couple of days ago. Jerry and I were visiting with some new friends of ours. I knew they had milk goats, so I asked if they had any goat’s milk I could try. Of course, they had a fresh jug in the fridge and were happy to let me have a taste.

Just a little, please. Really, just a little bit.” I requested. Not sure if I’d even be able to swallow it down, I didn’t want to waste any.

She poured a small amount into a glass, and I anxiously put it to my lips.

Hmmmm. Wow! That’s good!” I exclaimed. I was very pleasantly surprised! I totally expected a goaty flavor. But it wasn’t like that at all. In fact, it wasn’t much different from cow’s milk. I excitedly gave my husband a taste, and got the same reaction from him as well.

So for all of you who were wondering what goat’s milk tastes like, it’s good. And you don’t have to acquire a taste for it. At least, this was our experience. And this is coming from a city girl, who has never in her life had goat’s milk, and doesn’t even like goat’s milk cheese.

But please know that fresh goat’s milk is way better than anything you can buy in the store. After the first day, the milk starts taking on a stronger flavor, and the longer it sits, the stronger it tastes. What you could buy in the store is not even comparable to fresh goat’s milk. Just so you know.

I am incredibly encouraged. Now that I know I like goat’s milk, I know that it would be worth it to get goat’s for milking eventually. We really don’t have room for a cow, and goats are so much cheaper to maintain. Now I can’t wait to have my own milking goats!!