Transforming The Closet Into A Pantry

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I am so proud of my husband. Yesterday, he worked all day building shelves in my closet. Our food storage has quickly outgrown the small closet we had it in, which is definitely a good thing, so we were in need of a bigger, better pantry.

closet to pantrycloset to pantry

Okay, here’s my empty closet, left to right. It was just a plain walk-in, with two wire shelves to hang my clothes on. But look at all of the space being wasted! So, we took all of my clothes out and joined my stuff with hubby’s in his smaller closet. Then Jerry diligently set to work building shelves to make better use of the space.

closet to pantrycloset to pantry

Here’s what it looks like now. That’s what I’m talking about! Floor to ceiling shelves all around. We’re talking 10 feet tall here, I just couldn’t fit it all in the shot! Jerry even so thoughtfully put a step ladder in there for me, (though I still can’t reach the top two shelves).

closet to pantry

He also built in a bookshelf for me. Guess he was tired of walking around the piles of books stacked on the office floor! Yes, I definitely needed more bookshelf space! He thinks of everything. He even measured my tallest books to make sure they’d fit. Can’t beat a custom bookshelf! He’s such a sweetie.

I am SO incredibly pleased with the way it turned out. So much room!! This project definitely made the most of this pretty small space. Oh, and the best part… since he built these shelves out of scrap wood we had laying around, all it cost us was a box of screws.

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  1. I love the idea of closet to pantry and hubby did a great job!!! Now please address the issue of unsafe canning practice so you and your family can stay healthy to enjoy your hard work. First you need to remove all the bands on your canning jars and check that jars are sealed. DO NOT reapply. next, don’t stack anything on top of your jars. This way should a seal break you will know when you go to use it. After canning, and jars are cool, at least 24 hrs, remove your jar bands and leave them off. HAPPY CANNING 🙂

    • Hi Sandra,
      Thank you. It’s actually quite safe to store the canning jars with the bands screwed on. 🙂 I have stopped stacking the jars directly on top of each other, but now put a piece of cardboard between layers. I always test the lids on the jars by unscrewing the band and pulling on the lid with my fingers before opening, just to make sure that the seal is still good.

  2. I had converted my living room closet into a nice organized mini library. It came out really well. Instead of having my books storage all over the house I now have them in a nice display. Oh I still use book shelf’s for other things then just BOOKS.

  3. This is a really great idea!!!! I cannot do it where I am now. But once I am in my OWN home I will surely do this. Again… Such a smart idea!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m renting right now (so that I don’t go into major debt buying a home). My favorite feature of this place is an incredible deep, huge closet with built in shelving in the spare room. It is perfect for food storage. I’m glad that other people don’t mind storing food in closets too. 🙂

  5. This is awesome! Very inspiring.

    I just discovered your blog today, and I LOVE it. I’m so interested in homesteading, and reading about your journey has been really fun.

  6. It looks fantastic. And I love that your cookbooks fit in there too! For an organization lover like myself, it is wonderful. Enjoy!

  7. So fun!!! Someday I’ll have actual pantry space. As it is, our food storage overflows to under the house (we’re in a mobile home right now) and hubby has to go down anytime we need anything.


  8. I would love a pantry like that.We live in a very old house with no closet space.You must be so happy to have such a nice place for all that food storage.Wow!!!!!

  9. Excellent! We recently did something similar with a small back room, though we opted for some boughten shelves for the time being. I was interested in reading one of your back posts, that you do stock up purchasing at Aldi too. I have to say though, that even though their prices have gone up, it doesn’t seem to be as much as everywhere else, around here anyway.

  10. So Kendra, do you ever use this food in the food storage, by that I mean do you buy extra when you go the the grocery store and then rotate this stuff out so it doesn’t go bad after too long?

  11. green with envy over here! I am still waiting for more shelves to be added to my closets…I am about to do it myself!

  12. Awesome!! 😀

    (although, may I suggest a lip or strap on the shelves where home-canned glass jar stuff is? being that there are kids in the house… if we knew we were staying here, that’d be on my own honey-do list)

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