Fertilizing Artichoke Plants – My Best Tips

More and more I am learning the value of fertilizing your plants! Here’s a perfect example of what I mean:

artichokes in raised bed with fertilizer
artichokes in raised bed with fertilizer

If you remember, I started these artichoke plants indoors from seed last Spring (2011), and transplanted them outdoors to a spot in my yard that gets good morning sun, but is shaded in the late afternoon.

Notice the huge difference in size between the two plants on the left, and the two on the right?

Well… I experimented.

The two on the left I fertilized with several clumps of old chicken manure from our coop, and mulched with hay from our goat’s barn.

The two on the right I did not fertilize.

Amazing difference, huh?!

The two on the left are looking SO good!! Even through the winter, so far, they are alive and well. I’ve been curious to see how they do through the cold months. Globe Artichokes generally don’t grow well in this area.

I’m REALLY hoping they survive, and actually produce some healthy heads of artichoke. We’ll see!!

6 thoughts on “Fertilizing Artichoke Plants – My Best Tips”

  1. That’s amazing, Kendra! We’ve been putting chicken poop in our compost bin but not directly in the soil because we had read somewhere it is too strong and would burn the plants…guess what we read was wrong! Please tell me what you did…just mixed it in the soil before you planted? Thanks!

    • Amy,

      If you put fresh chicken manure around your plants, it could burn them. You need to make sure it’s old, dry manure. I just scraped clumps of old, dried manure from off the floor of the chicken coop, and placed them around each plant. Then I covered them with a little bit of soil, and mulched. Don’t put the manure touching your plant, but a few inches from its base. There isn’t an exact measurement… just put some clumps here and there 😉

  2. Sweet! I was just looking at artichoke seeds in a catalog. Hope to start them in the greenhouse. And since i have chicken and goats I can fertilize them just like you did! Thanks for the tips!
    Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com


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