Before owning a pig, I had no idea they had so many names! A pig was just a pig. But then I started hearing people calling them different things, and I hadn’t a clue what they meant. I’ve done my homework though. This is for all of you city slickers…

Q: What is a swine?

A: The term “swine” is used to refer to any member of the pig family.

Q: What’s the difference between a Hog and a Pig?

A: A hog is an older swine, weighing over 120 lbs. A pig is a younger swine, weighing less than 120 lbs.

Q: What are baby pigs called?

A: (Aw, com’mon! I know you know that much!) Piglets, of course!

Q: What is a female pig called?

A: A female pig is called a “gilt” until she has her first litter of piglets, and then she is called a “sow”, no matter her age.

Q: What is a male pig called?

A: A male pig is called a “boar”, until he is castrated (neutered), and then he is called a “barrow”.

Q: What is a feeder pig?

A: A feeder pig is a gilt or barrow which has been weaned, and is sold to be raised for slaughter. It is between 6-8 weeks old, and should weigh between 40-80 pounds.

Q: What is a grower pig?

A: A grower pig is a swine weighing between 40-125 pounds.

Q: What is a finisher pig?

A: A finisher pig is a swine which has reached market weight, 125 pounds to about 230 pounds.

There. Don’t you feel smarter now?!