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November 25, 2009 Kendra 1

Thank you Lord, for holding my hand through the toughest parts of life, and for blessing me with a future to look forward to.

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A Chicken Stew

November 14, 2009 Kendra 2

A Southern tradition in Fall is to have a Chicken Stew. Family and friends gather outside on a cool night to enjoy the stew that has been slow cooked in a huge pot over a flame.

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Properly Improper

October 25, 2009 Kendra 11

Jada has decided that she thinks it’s funny to speak “country”. She’s been using the word “ain’t” for everything… except she hasn’t quite figured out how to use it in the right context. I decided that if she’s going to speak improper grammar, I might as well teach her how to do it properly!

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Dreaming of My Homestead

October 10, 2009 Kendra 19

“I think it’s good for me to write down my aspirations, so I can re-read my goals as time goes along, and remind myself of what we are working towards. Sustainable living. Independence. True Freedom.”