Prepping For Power Outage

Last night we got slammed with yet another snow storm. When we woke up this morning, this was the scene out the backdoor:

snow storm 001 (Medium)

The kids yard toys, a pile of wood scraps… everything covered! Way in the back there is the goat/pig pen. The two of them are snuggled together warm in their house.

And the puppy…

snow storm 003 (Medium)

she thoroughly enjoyed being able to sleep in the warmth of the laundry room on a bed of old t-shirts.

With the ice/snow mix still coming down hard, we are expecting our power to go out at any moment. All morning we’ve been busy preparing for loss of electricity. Without a generator, this would mean no heater and no running water.

We are fortunate to have a wood burning fireplace in the living room. We’ve hung blankets in the doorways blocking off that room to better hold the heat in.

snow storm 002 (Medium)

I’ve filled the garden tub with water, so that we could still flush the toilets, and water the animals in case we lose our running water. I’ve also filled bottles for drinking and cooking.

The cloth diapers and wipes are all washed, and a fresh batch of baby wipes solution is made.

Dinner is prepared for tonight, but if we need to do more cooking we have the wood stove out in the workshop.

snow storm 005 (Medium)

Candles and oil lamps are out and ready. Cell phones are charged.

I think we’re set. Once again, we’ll be stuck here for a while! If you don’t hear from me tomorrow… you’ll know why!

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7 thoughts on “Prepping For Power Outage”

  1. Always keep you grill ready to use, keeping extra propane tanks or charcoal/lighter fluid on hand…perfect for cooking when you lose power! Yeah, you’ll have to stand out in the cold for a minute here & there {or your hubby :0)} but you get a hot meal! Praying you don’t lose power!

  2. I hope you’re doing ok and still have electricity. The storm hit here yesterday morning, and it’s still snowing…. we’re prepared for losing electricity too, but I’m really hoping we don’t.


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