leghorn rooster

I never in my life imagined that I would call a rooster handsome, but I do. I love Dirty Wilson, we all love him. He’s a good rooster. We’ve had our taste of having a bad rooster around. I’m really glad that this fellow has outlasted them all! Before we ever owned chickens, I had no idea how useful a rooster would be. All I knew was that it would crow at the crack of dawn, and I really didn’t want to be bothered by that! We didn’t plan on having him… he just got mixed in with the girl chicks, and we didn’t know he was a “he” until his comb grew larger than the others did! But we are so glad we have him now!

For those of you who haven’t ever owned a rooster, let me fill you in on how useful they are to a flock…

A good rooster warns his girls of danger. If a hawk is around, he will lead them into the woods for shelter.

A good rooster shares food with his ladies. When he discovers an extra special treat, he’ll cluck in a particular way and the hens will all come running to see what he has found. Then he’ll step aside and let the ladies enjoy.

When a good rooster loses sight of one of his hens, he will call her frantically until he hears a response and is able to locate her position.

A good rooster stands guard, and keeps a watch out while the hens peck and scratch in their own carefree manner.

Whenever one of his hens is in trouble, a good rooster will sound his alarm and alert everyone of the danger she is in. (I can always tell when the dog is outside chasing one of the hens, Dirty Wilson has a fit!)

And a good rooster, totally does not attack you when you least expect it! Okay, maybe he’ll test you a time or two. Maybe he’ll run up behind you and bump into the back of your foot to see if he can scare you. But a good rooster will quickly straighten up after a stern lecture. And he’ll never really hurt you.

Yes, our Dirty Wilson is a good, good rooster. I hope he sticks around here for a very long time!

Wanna brag about that special rooster in your life? Tell us what he does that makes you glad you have him around!