Teaching Your Child To NEVER Open The Door For Strangers

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I’ve talked before about how important I feel it is to teach our children about the dangers of this world, from not going along with a stranger, to being able to escape the house if there was ever a fire. It is our job to empower our children with the knowledge they need to help themselves as much as possible.

One of the things we’ve taught our kids is to NEVER open the door for a stranger. To help them discern who is behind that knock at the door we have installed a child height peep hole. So, if a man comes to the door claiming to be Daddy, they will be able to check before unlocking it.

They feel smarter knowing what to do, and I feel safer knowing that if I’m in the bathroom and somebody comes to the door, the children know not to open it unless they can see for themselves that it’s their Daddy. Anyone else who comes a knockin’ can wait for me to answer.

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  1. Not really a stranger danger story but along those lines. We always told our kids that if they find themselves separated from us in a crowd they should go to a woman with a child and ask for help. Well we went to the zoo one day and my middle daughter, being eight at the time, lost sight of us for a moment. She employed our plan and asked for help from a family. The plan worked and they took her to the security office where we later found her. Our only flaw in our instruction was to tell her to give us a minute to find her. She stepped away from us for around thirty seconds, panicked then disappeared. My heart stopped for awhile until she was returned. Longest 30 minutes of my life.

    To bad we have to protect our kids from the bad out there but it is a must. Nothing takes the place of keeping a close eye on them.

  2. Great post Kendra! It is sad that we have to teach our children to watch out for EVERYONE, not just strangers. Our eldest daughter knows that she is supposed to check out the window first before opening the door. But we also have a very hard to open dead bolt in place which makes me feel even better 🙂
    And my parents do the same thing Pat’s dad did. But they do it ALL the time. It really upsets my husband and I. Especially since my mother is a preschool teacher and regularly teaches her students about stranger danger…I just don’t get it. We just keep reinforcing in her that we don’t know them and you have to be careful of strangers.

  3. We taught our kids not to ever open the door for anyone. I explained that anyone who needed to be in the house would have a key, so there was no need for them to open the door. This didn’t make my mother very happy when she had to wait on the porch while my kids got me from another part of the house, but it didn’t hurt her. 😉 For young children I think it’s asking too much for them to have to decide who is safe to let in and who isn’t. At the same time, we did teach them to talk to strangers, but only when Mom or Dad were there for back-up if it was needed. This way they learned when talking to someone felt ‘right’ and when it didn’t. (We live in the South where not speaking to strangers is considered rude.)

  4. Kendra, I read also the post about strangers abducting the kids, but now in schools they changed the “training” programs to include people from the family and tell them where they should never be touched for instance. I know it’s very depressing to think of family as a potential danger but have you talked about that to your kids?

    Thanks! By the way I greatly appreciated the post on fire safety!

    • Sophie,

      It is sad that we have to warn our kids to watch out for family members hurting them. I’ve explained that it is not okay for *anybody* (including friends and family) to touch the children on their “private” parts; only Mommy if something is wrong (not even Daddy) or the doctor if Mommy or Daddy is there and says it’s appropriate.

  5. Amen! I agree. I also think this is good to teach our children regarding people they may see periodically…but who aren’t part of their everyday lives. (ie: postman, pro-pane driver, meter reader, etc.)

    I recently had propane delivered to my home. My dad of all people was present with me and my grand-daughter in the yard( this grand-daughter is being taught by her daddy and mommy about ‘stranger danger’) anyway, My dad was telling her to say hello to the man, but she didn’t know him and she ran straight to me. I think my dad was embarrassed a little, but I intervened and explained the situation to the propane driver (who incidentally was only filling in for our regular driver). She KNEW AT 2 YRS OLD…she didn’t know the man.

    Very good post and reminder!


  6. I agree that kids need the power of knowledge to make it through in this world we live in. Extreme sheltering can be so dangerous, IMO. They need to be equipped with the knowledge that will help them, not harm them. At our house, NO ONE gets to the door without being seen first and I really like that. In fact, most people will think twice about coming up our rough lane.

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