Snakes in Potting Soil Bag (And How We Handled It)

We have a really nice storage building on our property, have I showed it to you yet? Remind me to do so sometime. It sits up on a little hill behind the house, nestled amongst the pine trees.

black snake in bag of potting soil
black snake in bag of potting soil

Every time I walk up the dirt path to the building I watch my steps very carefully, praying not to come across a snake.

Today, when I had to go up there to fetch a bag of potting mix, I just knew I was gonna step on a Copperhead or something. It’s always a relief to get to the door without having spotted a snake. Fortunately, today was one of those days.

I stepped inside the building and found the Miracle Grow bag I was looking for. There was another bag of soil on top of the one I wanted, so I casually picked it up and set it to the side. When I turned back to pick up the bag I’d just uncovered a black snake was coiled in the corner of it.

Good gracious!!

Thank goodness black snakes are good snakes. But still. It’s a snake.

And I needed that bag of dirt.

First, I ran back to the house to find my camera. You know I love to share my drama with you.

After I’d snapped a satisfactory shot, I grabbed a garden tool and used the handle to pick the snake up and put it back outdoors.

Wouldn’t wanna kill a black snake, after all. He’s a great mouse hunter, and supposedly keeps Copperheads away too. As long as he stays away from my chicken coop, we’re cool.

Jerry was a little freaked out to know a snake had been in his workshop though. I may have even led him to momentarily believe that the snake had slithered underneath his workbench before I could get it. *grin* Jerry hates snakes.

The kids were a little disappointed I hadn’t included them in the fun. They thought it would have been a better idea to capture the snake and put it in the garden so it could eat the bunny we have living among our cucumber plants.

But you know, when harvesting my cukes, I’d much rather be startled by a fuzzy baby bunny than a hissing snake. Wouldn’t you agree?!

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13 thoughts on “Snakes in Potting Soil Bag (And How We Handled It)”

  1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news… but a Rat Snake will not keep Copperheads away. They will help with any rodent problems though. They are a little high strung and defensive when caught but they are harmless.

    As for keeping the Coppers down… You’re thinking of Kingsnakes. They will make a meal out of a Copper in a heartbeat.

    Thanks for not killing the snake.

  2. I WOULD have had a heart attack.I cannot believe that you got rid of that snake on your own,but the Proverbs 31 woman probably would have to.Great job being so brave about it all.:)Nikki

  3. Oh, I shuddered when I saw that picture. Eww! You’re a brave woman to take care of the snake!

    We had a large garter snake in our garage a few weeks back, right near where I had the baby sitting in her bouncy seat while we played outside. We were all barefoot, and I just couldn’t bring myself to go near that snake. I such a chicken – I just scooped up the baby & we all went in the house. We haven’t seen him again – Hopefully he slithered his way right back outside and into the ditch!

  4. We have black racers around here, and they are wonderful for killing off those copperheads. I can’t say I wouldn’t scream so the whole state could hear me if I found one, though. 😉

  5. EeeK! How do you know that black snakes are safe? I don’t know a thing about snakes, so all snakes are scary to me.

  6. When we first lived in Florida we used to shoot the (tons of) black snakes that made their way into our yard. Then, we found out that the eat the rattlers so we changed our attitude about them. I still didn’t care to find them in our screened porch, though. :0) Glad you were able to get it off of your soil without too much drama.

  7. I may have even led him to momentarily believe that the snake had slithered underneath his workbench before I could get it. *grin* Jerry hates snakes.

    You are the best. Made me crack up laughing out loud. A great way to start the day.

    I think I once said I wish I lived closer to learn from you and help you out sometimes. I take that back. I’m not coming over. Oh, no, don’t beg. It’s not happening. I don’t so snakes.

    I would like to hear more of the bunny that lives in your cukes. Don’t know if you’ve seen my complaining on Facebook (Michele Driscoll) but I have them in my yard living under my MARIGOLDS! Well the babies like the marigolds the bigger ones like the entire yard.

    I also can’t grow greenbeans. The birds keep getting to them. I’ve put up pie pans and created a ‘disco’ and I’ve put teepees made out of sticks that seem to help a little but then the bunnies get to them. Maybe I do need to come over and get that snake? Ummmmm-n.o.

  8. Holy Cow that is a huge black snake!! Was it IN your bag of potting soil?? Creepy!! I would have screamed like a girl, lol


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