Rust Free Garden Tools

To help your garden tools last longer:

  • Don’t leave them out in the rain, or foggy air; Store them in a dry place.
  • Keep them off the ground when not in use, like hanging up somewhere.
  • Buy good quality tools to start with.
  • Store a bucket of sand sprinkled with plenty of mineral oil next to your tools. After you use your tool, rub it with the sand to clean the dirt off. The oil will leave a protective coat that prevents rusting, keeping your tool as good as new! Wipe any excess oil off with a rag.
  • One a year, lightly sand any wooden handles, and rub with linseed or mineral oil.
  • Remove any rust by scouring with steel wool, or soaking the tool in white vinegar.
  • To remove stuck on sap, use Turpentine.

Anyone know of any other good tips for keeping your garden tools in tip-top shape?

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  1. I have heard that if you spray your tools with pam or cooking spray it keeps the dirt from building up and provides some protection from rust. Justas with construction tools though, *never* ‘wash’ your tools, always use something (like the sand you suggested) to clean it off and leave your tools dry. Washing them will make them rust for sure.

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