Remember me telling you about my broody hen? Well, the chicks hatched five days ago! Yay! There are two solid black ones, a solid yellow one, and four striped ones. I love the striped ones, they remind me of little chipmunks.

There are seven total, but one little black chick has been sickly from the start. I really don’t expect it to make it through the night, though I’ve tried to doctor it the best I can.

After all of the chicks hatched out, I moved the mama hen and chicks to a doghouse out in the common run with the rest of the hens. Then I surrounded the house and a bit of scratching area with small mesh wire to keep the other, curious chickens away from the babies for the first few days.

Having chicks separated from the rest of the hens is also a good idea because they eat different feed. Chicks and the mama hen will eat chick starter. The rest of the flock eats corn and laying mash. It is very dangerous for chicks to eat laying mash as the extra protein can cause major complications in the growing chicks. And so, it’s just easiest to separate them for now.

I had also ordered baby chicks online before we had a hen go broody. We got 12 Rhode Island Reds, and 13 Black Stars, all hens. Plus, McMurray Hatchery also threw in a mystery “exotic” breed. It’ll be fun to see what that one ends up being!

Anyways, our shipment came in yesterday! We got a call from the post office at 6:30am that they were here. Jerry was sweet and went to pick them up for me.

They arrived in a pretty small box. There was a lot of chirping coming from it as Jerry brought it into the house. I held my breath as I opened the lid, fearful of finding dead chicks inside, as I’ve heard tales of happening to others.

What a relief to find 26 healthy, happy and hungry little babies inside!

We put them in the brooder right away. The chirping woke the kids up, and they all rushed to crowd around the box, super excited to find our newest members.

If all goes well, by this time next year we’ll be up to our eyeballs in eggs. Ha!