So, How Much Water Does Lettuce Need?

Three Heart and Romaine lettuce planted six weeks prior

One of the simplest, yet also the most deceptively complex, factors you have to get right when taking care of your plants is watering them. All plants need water, of course! How hard can it be? Well, considering that every species of plant needs a different amount of water and other requirements, and also considering … Read more

Wild Lettuce – Everything You Need to Know

Nature has a way of offering amazing benefits in not-so-pretty packaging. Wild lettuce blends in with nearly any bed of weeds or forest ground, but offers a wide variety of benefits that can be mixed into salads, added to tea, and harvested for the latex-like sap. A great herb for preppers and homesteaders alike, wild … Read more

How to Sow, Grow and Harvest Lettuce

A member of the daisy family, lettuce is an annual plant, and one of the easiest crops to grow in your garden. Not only will you be able to grow exciting varieties that cannot be found in grocery stores, but lettuce also makes a fantastic edging and ornamental plant, adding an extra dimension of color … Read more