school books
Okay homeschooling mamas of multiples, I’ve got a question for you.

How do you find the time to school multiple ages/grades at once?

Now that school is back to full-time, and I have three doing bookwork this year, I’m really struggling to find the time to get it all done in a day. (Hence the lack of posts lately.)

I don’t know how you amazing ladies do it. For some of you, teaching three grades at once is no sweat. How do you do it?

I’ve tried to sit them all down at once to do their books, but it can be overwhelming when they all have questions about their work at the same time. I feel like I’m being hit with a billion different questions coming from all sides.

I’ve tried working with them separately, but then it’s like my entire day revolves around schooling, and nothing else gets done.

I’ve tried letting the older ones do lessons with the younger ones, but the children lose focus quickly and require my guidance, which kinda defeats the purpose.

I would love to know how other homesteading mamas of multiples manage school.

Do you sit them all down at once, or do them one at a time? Do you have a rigid school day, or are you more of an unschooler?

How do you manage school as well as all of the other chores that need to be done?

Do you do lessons first thing in the morning, or do you and the children get the farm work done for the day and do lessons in the evening?

I’m so grateful that I’m able to homeschool my children, but there are days when I long for the times of one-room schoolhouses. It can be a struggle to try to do it all by yourself.

I’ve been looking for curriculum which can be taught at multiple grade levels. I actually just orderedΒ The Story of The World, The Nature Connection, and Spell to Write and Read, all of which I can do with all three kids at once. Hopefully these will help. I welcome any other suggestions for multi-grade curriculum.

If you’re homesteading on any level and homeschooling multiple grades at once, please tell me what you’ve found to work best for you. This mama could use some advice.