Homemade Tomato Cage

I’ve been working on building this tomato cage, but between this and everything else, my project is taking longer than expected. So, here’s what it looks like so far.

With store-bought cages going for around $3 a piece, making one myself was a no brainer. For the cost of a ball of twine (less than $3), I can make all of the cages I need.

tomato plant in cage

All I’ve done is chop 1″ thick branches from fallen trees, and tie them together with the twine, building them around the already tall plants.

I think it’s kind of cool, all rustic looking. And it’s doing a great job keeping the tomatoes growing upward. Much better than those flimsy, round cages at the hardware store!

8 thoughts on “Homemade Tomato Cage”

  1. Mrs D, Make Green Tomato pie filling. It tastes just like apple pie. You can also can it! You can also make green tomatoe pickles. I can provide recipes if you’re interested :).

  2. Ok this is just what i need to do. I live in the woods so theres lots of sticks, and I got a roll of twine. I put out over 300 maters and I was just going to let them sqrawl. But I’m waiting for straw and it has not come yet. so its cage building time : ). I like what you did and I do like that rustic look.

    I’m new to your site and just put your blog button on my blog site , thank you. You got a lot to read and a wonderful family to bring up in your homesteading home. You are a natural to the homesteading ways from what i have read so far and so young and new at it, good job.

    Happy Gardening

  3. I really love your tomato cage. We actually have soooo many tomato cages that Mr. D has picked up from the dump and from free piles at yard sales etc, etc. We do not grow a lot of tomatoes due to the length of the growing season here. I like green tomato relish, but you can only eat so much of that 🙂

    Our garden is doing really well this year so far and I hope to post some pictures, probably Friday.

    Have a great, wonderful, fantastic day.


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