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Hang Drying Clothes On A Short Line

Some people don’t think they have enough room for hang drying clothes. But you really don’t have to have a long clothesline to be able to dry a full load of laundry!

Here’s a lesson from the Chinese: to conserve space, they hang shirts, blouses, and dresses on clothes hangers before putting them on the line. They also clip socks and washcloths to the lower edge of other things.

Drying clothing on a hanger makes it super easy to put the laundry away once it’s done. However, large shirts (such as my husband’s!) will have a pucker where the end of the clothes hanger was in the sleeves. To avoid this, it’s best to hang larger shirts upside down by the hem.

Even if it means stringing a line across the beams of a covered porch, hang drying clothes is a great way to use the natural heat of the sun to get your clothing dry without the use of expensive electricity! If you aren’t already doing it, consider hanging a line this week!

Have you tried hang drying clothes instead of using a dryer?

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  1. I also hang all my pants and sweatshirts upside down. That way the part with the thicker seam (ie. waistband, pockets, hood) which takes longer to dry is flappin’ in the wind more. I love these other ideas, I hadn’t thought of them.


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