For hundreds of years homesteaders have faced unique challenges.  They have overcome them along the way by helping one another and sharing ideas. In a time when many have the “mine, mine, mine” mindset, homesteaders are still thriving in small towns and rural areas across the country.  Just like the homesteaders of times past, they hold to the same values and standards that existed in the old days.  Helpfulness, sharing, caring about one another, honesty and integrity.   With that being said, I would like to share our rabbit tractor.

Several advantages to the tractor over a stationary hutch are:

  • less expense in feed
  • easier way to fertilize the garden or yard naturally
  • cuts down on mowing
It is a simple cage, 4x8x4 high.  Easily moved, and contains a shelter 2x4x4 high.  The shelter has an exterior door to allow feeding and care.  The rabbits love both the grass and weeds.  They will eat the vegetation down to what looks like a nicely mowed lawn.  This leaves behind an evenly spread layer of manure.

We have been doing this for several months now.  It all started with the simple thought, “Too bad we can’t just put those rabbits in a mobile ground cage and move it around the yard.”  This was our first try and it seems to work well.

The only flaw is that the ground needs to be somewhat level. We have had only one escape which was due to a large dip right under the edge of the cage.  That was our learning experience.  The rabbit was easily caught and put back.  Now we make sure it’s on  semi-level ground and it works very well.  Animals love to be in their natural habitat.

What better way to feed your rabbits, mow, and fertilize your grass all in one shot!

Jason Ross is a Christian husband and father of 11 children. Originally from California, now residing on 10 acres in Missouri, where he and his family milled their own lumber and built a home, all debt free. Together they raise animals, and garden.  He is also the author of the eBook, “Nurturing A Godly Wife.”

You can find him blogging at:

TenAcresOfAbundance or reach him through email