DIY Garden Plant Markers

DIY painted tile garden markers

Because I’ve been feeling crafty.

And because I can’t remember what I put where without referring back to my garden layout sketches.

Handpainted Garden Plant Markers

Here’s how I made mine…

You’ll need:

  • Tiles
  • Acrylic Paint (Outdoor paint will last longer, but isn’t necessary)
  • Paint brushes
  • Clear Acrylic Sealer Spray
  • Tile adhesive
  • Sticks or pieces of wood for stakes

1. Paint whatever you want to be on your tile plant markers using the acrylic paints. It may take a couple of coats. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

2. On a sunny day, take your painted plant markers outside where there will be adequate ventilation. Cover the surface of each tile with a thin layer of acrylic sealer. Allow it to thoroughly dry before adding three more layers of sealer. Don’t spray so much that it runs, just enough to coat, being sure to let it dry well between coats.

3. Using tile adhesive, attach the painted tiles to a stick or piece of wood to use as a stake. I just used some scrap pieces of wood leftover from another project. Let the glue dry overnight.

4. Stick your awesome new plant markers in your garden, step back and enjoy! These should last for several years before you will need to touch them up with another coat or two of acrylic sealer.

Mine are by no means perfect, but I think they’ll add a little charm to my garden. I had a box of old white ceramic tiles I picked up for free somewhere years ago, and thought they would be just right for this project. I also made several of these for my herb bed using half-tiles.

Hopefully these markers won’t be the only pretty things in my garden this year!

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  1. This is great! I’ve been trying to come up with a way to label for years. We always plant 3-4 different kinds of tomatoes, but I can never remember what’s what because we plant all large kinds. This year we’re finally doing heirlooms, so I NEED to remember what’s what. LOL. Plus it’ll be a great art project for the kids. I really lack in the art area of school. 🙂

  2. These are sooo cute !! You really should consider selling them. Some of us do not have your talent. My pictures would all have the same stick figure on it. Lol !

  3. Wow! Those are great! And to top it off…I have the supplies! (I purchased a box of those tiles too for a particular reason…but it didn’t happen, so now I just have a box of tiles…or garden markers!) Thanks for the inspiration! :~) Gotta get to it!

  4. Hi Kendra, What a great idea!!! I’ve been trying to find something to make for my herbs that was large enough to label with some details. Such as harvest roots only, aerial parts or entire plant after 2nd year. These are perfect. Kenny said you have too much time on your hands. Ha, we know that’s not true. Thank you for keeping us inspired with new ideas!!!

    • LOL, Julie 🙂 They actually didn’t take very long to paint 🙂 I was feeling extra inspired that day, and when I get in a mood to paint I’ve gotta vent that pent up creativity while it’s hot, lol! I hope you are able to do something that you love in your garden as well!

  5. Awesome idea. I bet the paint stirring sticks you get when you buy paint would make great stakes. Those things are great for all kinds of projects.

  6. You are so clever! I love these so much–I exclaimed out loud how cute these are. I am so stealing this idea for my garden! Last year, I put rocks around my various beds and just wrote on the rocks with a sharpie marker.

  7. your plants are going to flourish with your beautiful tiles. Great work Kendra. Your talents never cease to amaze me!
    Love, Mimi

  8. Wow!!!I am impressed with your talent.I could NEVER draw and paint a cabbage and have it look like one.:)Those are so cute.~Nikki

  9. Quite the talent there Kendra. You ought to sell some of these on your blog.

    I think I might try some and see how they work out. I have a lot of tiles that I picked up at the dump a couple years ago. It would be nice especially in the herb garden.

  10. Kendra, great job! I think your paintings are really good. You might consider making these and trying to sell them at your local garden store. You never know! We made a ton of wood signs. There are rectangular for the sign and put on a wood stake. My husband made me like 20. Then, me and the 5 year old painted them different bright colors followed by black paint for the names. You idea is great…way more creative.

  11. They came out great! Can you tell us what kind of paint you used and what kind of coating you put on them? This is such a nice idea for the kids to help with too…they can each make their own row markers…

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