Freeing Our Chickens

loose chickens

Well, we finally did it. Our chickens are officially free! I’ve been dying to let them loose, but was sooo afraid that I’d never get them back again, especially after that last enthralling chase!

My husband found a few extra minutes the other afternoon, and was able to quickly put together a nice little ladder for the chickens.

Once he got it made and took it down to the chicken coop, we just stood there together for a minute looking at it. Jerry looked at me and finally asked, “Well, should we let them out?” We both looked at the chickens doubtfully. I shrugged and said, “Supposedly they’ll go back in when it gets dark.” We hesitated another minute as we contemplated the possibility of losing all of our chickens.

Finally I said, “Let’s let them out.” So, we opened the door and waited to see what would happen. At first the chickens just stood there looking at us, but finally they decided that they would step out and explore their new opportunity. Once their little feet hit the dirt below they were noticeably pleased! Off they wandered into the woods directly behind their coop, scratching and pecking away at the ground.

We watched them for a minute, smiling at their happiness, then went about business as usual again. The silly goats (who are always lose now during the day) thought they’d take advantage of the new ladder as well, and when nobody was looking, quickly scurried up into the chicken coop to gobble up the chicken feed inside. Rascals.

Well, nightfall soon came and my husband went out to check on the chickens. We crossed our fingers that they would indeed be inside the coop again. I waited inside, anxious to hear the results. A few minutes later he came back in and announced, “They were all in there!”

“Yay!” I shouted at the good news. I was so glad they went back in. All he had to do was shut the door for the night. How easy was that?! So now we’ve been letting them out every day, all day, and at night they just go back home on their own. I am so happy for them to finally be doing what they love, roaming free enjoying the land.

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  1. We have 12 chickens and a coop, but since it is located in my garden area I have them fenced in (25′ X 25′). They love to be outside even when it is raining. Our chickens especially like hanging out under their coop. That’s was fine until the other night when we needed to catch all of the chickens to clip their wings so they would stop flying over the fence that is there to protect them so I don’t loose anymore of my seedlings. They just loved my new pumpkin seedlings (now I get to replant them). Our chickens will stay out until just about dark here. By that time they are all in the coop and ready for the night. Keep up the good work and enjoy them.

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