DIY Fence With Free Pallets

pallet diy fence

If you look closely into the trees that line one side of my front yard, you will see the diy fence we’ve made to keep deer away from our young apple trees. It’s made from pallets, free from my husband’s old job. He used to bring home truckloads at a time, and stack them in a clearing beside the woods. It took a little time before we had enough of the same kind of pallets to line our yard, but eventually we’d gathered the right amount for the job. We could have easily made a fence out of various pallets, but I wanted to make it look as good as a pallet fence could possibly look, so it was important to me to keep a uniform look the entire length.

I drug each pallet into the trees, one by one, and leaned them up against each other or against a small pine. We didn’t have any posts, so we just overlapped them slightly and screwed them together. We will eventually go in and put proper posts here and there, and make sure that they are all even along the top, and not staggered in height. I’d also like to paint it dark brown, to make it blend in more with the trees. One day it will all be covered with ivy and beautiful flowers I plan on planting along the border of the yard as to disguise it.

But for now. It is there, doing it’s job, keeping unwanted animals out of my future little Eden. And it was free. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “DIY Fence With Free Pallets”

  1. That is such an awesome idea. When God presents me with my land I will surely use this idea! GOD BLESS YOU FOR PUTTING YOUR IDEAS FOR ALL TO SEE!!!!!!!!!

  2. What about planting blackberry bushes along the fence instead of the ivy or flowers? I have challenged myself to only plant things that are edible or some how useful in the home (easier said than done sometimes). You can have the berries that grow on your side of the fence and the deer can have the berries on it’s side. You never know when you might have to hunt that deer down for food, so its ok to let ’em have a little 😉

    Thanks for all the useful posts!

    • Jess, that’s funny, I actually had planned on doing that at first. I too was planning on only planting edibles in my front yard. But the wild blackberries aren’t that far from my front yard. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a lot of trouble just to move them a little closer. I’m thinking now that I’ll plant flowers along with the food/herbs in the front yard. I do want it to look pretty along with being functional. I love that idea though!! What a great use of space.

  3. that looks really good, and who would have ever thought of that? youre resourceful. we have a large size dog house that was made out of pallets, thats been a really sturdy built home for some of our dogs, we’ve had it about 17 years! it is finally getting some wear on it, so I’ll probably replace it this fall.

  4. This is exactly what I need, to keep my chickens and goats in, and the foxes, wild boars and monkeys out. Thanks for the tip. Now to find them pallets…


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