Chickens: Wintertime Watering Tips

Here are a few quick tips for watering your chickens through the freezing months of winter…

  • Give your chickens very warm water when the temps outside are freezing to ensure that they are able to drink as much as possible before the water freezes over.
  • If watering using glass containers, make sure that you get the jar warm before adding warm water to it! If the glass is cold when you add the warm water to it… I’m sure you can guess what will happen… a broken glass. Yes, I admit it, I had to learn this the hard way. I had my blonde moment, okay?

Got any other tips to share? I’d love to know how you keep your chickens, or any other animals for that matter, watered through the freezing winter!

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  1. We have a movable coop that we move around on the garden area during the winter and my husband has made a platform attached to the outside of the coop that holds a five gallen bucket of water. A flexible pipe is attached to the bucket and on the other end is the little cup for the chickens to drink out of. For the freezing nights he’ll just bring out a 2L bottle of water with a drinkable nozzle out in the mornings.

  2. Buy a heated dog water bowl and run a power cord to the chicken house.
    They need fresh water all the time. If they are eating the need the fluid or they get problems and die. =(

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