Chicken Stew Recipe

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southern chicken stew

I know I promised this a while back, after sharing with you what going to a southern chicken stew is like… but I’ve had a hard time nailing down an actual recipe! It seems that there isn’t exactly a recipe for chicken stew, everyone just kinda makes it his or her own way. But I can tell you that they all pretty much have the same ingredients:

  • chicken (whole or cut up)
  • chicken broth
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • milk
  • butter
  • flour
  • Texas Pete hot sauce

I hate “recipes” like this, with no exact measurements. This Fall, when it’s chicken stew time again, I’ll have to sit and watch somebody make it and write down how much of this and that they are using!

But for now I can give you an idea:

Boil the chicken in water until tender. Remove any bones, skin, and fat from the chicken. Add some milk and flour to thicken. Stir in salt and pepper, and Texas Pete, to taste. Mix in chicken broth, and bring back to boil. Simmer until ready to serve.

There. You like that, huh? I know, it’s terrible… but that’s all I got!

Does anyone out there have a specific recipe for southern style chicken stew that they’d like to share?? Some measurements would really be helpful, for those like me who aren’t very good at getting “creative” in the kitchen!

  • 290
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  1. I your Grandma knew what she was doing. This is a really good recipe. Only a true southerner knows this stew. It’s really good

  2. This is my grandma’s recipe, its not exact and she adds more or less of everything depending on how much she’s making but this is the base line

    1 2 to 3 lb chicken (whole, don’t use breast or boneless skinless, this is not a health recipe and it won’t taste right if you don’t use the whole bird)

    1 stick (8 tablespoons) of butter

    2 quarts of milk

    1 can of evaporated milk

    At least 1 tablespoon flour

    1 cup of chicken broth (from the boiled chicken)

    Salt, pepper, texas pete to taste

    Boil the chicken until tender, drain well (reserve at least one cup of the broth)
    Remove the bones and skin from the chicken
    Shread (or chop) the chicken
    Add all ingredients (except the Pete) back to the pot and simmer at least 2 hours

    Serve withh texas pete and saltine crackers

    *as I said, this is mearly a base line, you can change it and add more or less of everything*

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