Best Way To Cover Half A Watermelon With Plastic Wrap (and more)

Ever try to cover a cut watermelon with plastic wrap?

Yeah. Doesn’t work so well, does it.

So, how are you supposed to keep it fresh and free from flies? Here’s the best way to cover half a watermelon (my favorite way, anyways!):

the best way to cover half a watermelon

Use a shower cap!

It’s free if you can collect them from your hotel stays. And it works perfectly. Plus, their reusable!

It’s also super handy for covering a paper plate of food or other dishes that don’t hold plastic wrap well.

 Problem solved!

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  1. Great idea – but I would worry about the plastic not being food-grade. If it is something that concerns you, a sheet of plastic wrap could be placed underneath the shower cap.

  2. This is a brilliant idea! It’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas! hahaha… I’m totally gonna remember to save those shower caps that I ” most def. PAY” for and usually leave in my hotel rooms because I always think…I don’t need to collect more junk. But I will now put these babies to good use! đŸ™‚

  3. It is something you would have to buy, but once you buy it is reusable, but Glad (and probably some other brands and non-brands) make different size dish covers that are basically just different size shower caps. I bought a bag of several different sizes and use them to cover any dish that doesn’t have a lid. They are great! I think you find them in the same aisle as plastic wrap and aluminum foil.

  4. I wish I had thought of this when we were actually staying in hotels. Oh well. Maybe a cheap shower cap or two from a Dollar store will work as well. Thank you! What a great idea. :o)

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