I think the last time I showed you guys my artichokes, they had been severely frost damaged. I’m happy to report they’ve bounced back just fine!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching with great excitement as my artichoke plants have begun setting their first fruits since I planted them last spring.

I check on their progress every day. EVERY DAY people.

Have I told you how much I love artichokes?

So, when I went outside to examine my little globes a couple of days ago and found this…


They were infested!!

Darned Earwigs.

I hopped online to look up a remedy. There were tales of people using a wet, rolled up newspaper laid out overnight to lure earwigs in. Or an empty tuna can full of oil or wine as a trap. But none of that was quick enough for me. The damage to my plants had to be stopped immediately!

This was war people.

I ran to the shed and grabbed the only thing I had, Garden Safe Fruit & Vegetable Insect Killer. And I sprayed mercilessly.

No, it isn’t organic. But it’s made with “botanical insecticides”, and it was better than letting the bugs destroy my plants. So yeah, that was that.

And the problem was taken care of almost immediately. Ha! Take that mean ol’ bugs.

And then I cleaned out all the old mulch from underneath the plants, clipped off the dead branches, added some aged chicken manure and several inches of new compost, hoping to boost the plant’s health and ability to withstand new pests.

Here’s hoping for some fresh artichokes!