Cloth Napkins

cloth napkins

Look at this stash… isn’t it great??!! My sweetest mother-in-law in the whole world hooked us up with the motherload of cloth napkins! She scored this bunch at Goodwill for .25 cents each. Woo-hoo! No more washcloths at the dinner table for us! Now we’re stylin’!

If you are still using paper towels or napkins… STOP IT!! Cloth napkins are a must have for every home!

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  1. I love my cloth napkins, too, and my husband (who was at first very reluctant about them) loves them so much he voluntarily takes them to work, because they have such a nice feel. 🙂

  2. We use cloth napkins and rags/washcloths in place of paper towels. We’ve really gotten used to it, and only on occasion wish we had a paper towel/paper napkin. Speaking of mother-in-law’s, I think it really frustrated my mother-in-law when she stayed for us for 6 weeks, though. 🙂

  3. I have a basket in the kitchen (above the fridge) where I keep old dish towels and scrap pieces of cloth. They are NOT pretty (LOL) but they do the job. I usually keep a roll of papertowels in the house but they last forever because I hide them from my husband. LOL. Since I clean now with just natural things like peroxide/water or vinegar/water, I don’t have to worry about mixing the cleaning towels with the wipe our face/hands towels so that makes it even easier!

    One tip – do half your scrap towels large and half small like the size of a paper napkin. For cleaning you may need something bigger (like the size of a dish towel) but for wiping face/hands or a quick counter top cleaning, you don’t need much of a towel. This will help on the washing load.

  4. Great! We started using cloth napkins several years ago and have never looked back. Once you get used to them, you can hardly stand using the flimsy paper ones anymore. My mother-in-law keeps an eye out at auctions and brings a big load over every once-in-awhile!

  5. Those are nice 🙂 I’m going to have to look for some now next time I’m at the second hand store! I have two that I made, but all my other sewing projects seem to take priority over the napkins….it would be nice to have a nice set of napkins though instead of the washcloths!

  6. Yours are way prettier than mine. 🙂 We just have homemade washcloths and ’tissues/napkins’ made from taken apart dyed prefolds that my mom edged with binding tape a while ago. The kids love picking out their favorite colors from the stack, so cute.

  7. Love my cloth napkins. We have been paper napkin free for about a year now. Paper towels are still a must in the house for now.

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