Yummy Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

We LOVE sweet potatoes! I’d never had one before I moved to the South, so I had no idea how to cook one properly. Now my favorite way to cook them is just like a baked potato in the oven.

Scrub the potatoes clean, and pat them dry. Then rub the skin with butter, place in a 350* oven on a baking sheet (I use a toaster oven), and cook for about 30 min or more. They are done when a fork easily pierces through the potato.

Split it open, add a little salt and butter (or nothing at all!). Yummy!!

Do you have a favorite Sweet Potato Recipe??

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  1. I’m from the north and have lived here most of my life. We have sweet potatoes all the time! They’re one of our favorites!

  2. Hi Kendra,
    I love cooking my potatoes and especially sweet potatoes in the crockpot. Just clean them like you would for the oven, and rub butter on them (I usually make little cuts in the potatoes too) and then place in crockpot with a little extra butter. Depending on the size of the potato, I cook on low for 3-4 hours, sometimes this is increased to 8 because of the size and amount of potatoes. They are perfect every time. I have cooked them like this and then made either sweet potato pie or sweet potato casseroles. 🙂


  3. never had a sweet potato until you moved to the south! wow! I guess it is a southern thing, though I never thought of it. Like me never before eatting an artichoke LOL!

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