Yay! Finally Some Snow!

We finally got a good snow, about 8 inches!! I had given up hope that we would see any snow this winter, but Yippee, we were so excited to wake up to this beautiful scene out our front door this morning:


The kids could not wait to get outside and play! Titus had never been in the snow before, so this was really neat for him. And Jada was outside almost the entire day. She said she didn’t want to waste a minute of the day. She only came in to thaw out and go potty a couple of times, and then was out for more.

We hurried to make a snowman before all of the snow melted away. He ended up pretty dirty looking, but the kids loved him anyways. Titus loved him so much, he couldn’t help giving him hugs and kisses.

I’m so glad they got to enjoy this before Spring arrives! What fun. Thank you Lord for the beautiful snow! (And that we didn’t lose power along with it!)

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