Baby Xia’s First Birthday

Xia's First Birthday

Yesterday, was Xia’s first birthday. I can’t believe it’s already been a YEAR since she was born, can you? Time truly does slip away all too quickly.

Xia's First Birthday

I think she really enjoyed her day!

Xia's First Birthday

We had a small party, just family. My dad, Jerry’s parents, my grandparents, Jerry’s sister, and some of Xia’s cousins came to celebrate.We prefer an intimate little party for our children’s first birthday.

Xia's First Birthday 008 (Medium)

I was going to make a cake in the shape of a “1”, but when I went to dump it out of the pan it fell apart. Um, Oops! I quickly put the pan back over the pieces, turned it back over into the pan, and just iced over the top. It wasn’t what I’d had in mind, but it still tasted good!

Fortunately, I had a box of cupcake mix in the cabinet (free from couponing), so I made them into the focal point. For the top of the cupcakes, I cut one of the images from the party decorations’ packaging. I thought the star with the “1” on it would be cute, and would tie the cakes into the decor. I just dressed it up with a little glitter glue, taped it to a toothpick and stuck it in the top cupcake. Voila!

Xia's First Birthday

Usually, I will make a healthy cake for baby’s first birthday. But since Xia isn’t really eating solids well yet, I didn’t plan on giving her any cake. I felt bad though, and ended up giving her a few crumbs from her cupcake after all. Though most of them ended up on the floor, she seemed to really enjoy licking her sweet fingertips!

Xia's First Birthday crop

She loved all of her little gifts!

Jerry and I got her an Earthentree Organic Red Abacus Rattle, and a Pink, Plush Satin Blanket (completely free with my Swagbucks, of course!).

What a blessing it was to be surrounded by family on such a joyous occasion!

Xia's First Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday, baby Girl! Mommy and Daddy love you SO much!!!

9 thoughts on “Baby Xia’s First Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Xia, your so CUTE : ). Looks like you had a wonderful birthday party and yummy cupcakes. Cupcakes are the way to go! DD used them for her wedding cake and now a couple of yrs later we will be celebrating our Grandson 1st Birthday next month : ) I think she is having cupcakes to! : )

    Don’t grow up to fast, Have fun!
    tc linda

  2. She is beautiful and you have a great looking family!!!! My youngest sons birthday was Wednesday and he was 2…Time does fly by…You did great on the party!!!!


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