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Honey and Chamomile Soap Recipe


  • microwave
  • soap molds
  • toothpicks
  • knife


  • raw honey
  • dried chamomile or sachets of chamomile tea
  • glycerin soap base
  • essential oil optional, for scent


  • Cut the desired amount of soap base and melt it in the microwave for about 30 seconds - longer if you are using more than half a pound at a time.
    soap base cut into pieces
  • Set out your soap molds so they are ready to pour the melted base in.
    Plastic cups cut down to size or small plastic storage tubs work well if you are not making full size bars of honey and chamomile soap and do not have small commercially manufactured molds.
    molds cut with a pair of scissors
  • Cut open one to two tea bags of chamomile or use half a teaspoon - or so, of dried chamomile.
    cutting tea bag using scissors
  • Stir in the honey while the glycerin soap base (which should be very hot right out of the microwave). Stir for at least 30 seconds to make sure that it is combined thoroughly. The mixture will thicken substantially as you stir and combine the two ingredients.
    stirring the mixture
  • Stir in the dried chamomile or packets of chamomile tea. Make sure that the chamomile is completely combined with the honey and soap base.
    mixture left to harden
  • Stir in an essential oil scent that you would like to add now - optional. No more than four drops is recommended per half a pound of melt and pour soap base.
  • Use a toothpick or the tip of a knife to gently tap the filled mold onto the counter to remove any air bubbles before allowing the mixture to harden.
    using a knife to break bubbles
  • The honey and chamomile soap should harden at room temperature after about three hours. It typically hardens in a refrigerator after roughly 30 minutes. The size and depth of the bar will impact how long it takes to completely harden.
  • If you used a silicone commercially manufactured mold, simply turn it over and give a few taps on the back to release the soap. If you used a plastic cup, snipping away some of the plastic above the fill line should allow you to peel away the mold and release the soap. A small hard plastic storage container might require taking a knife around the edge of the hardened bar of soap and the mold to allow it to release.