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Blackberry Jam Recipe

Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time30 mins


  • jars
  • lids
  • bands
  • boiling water canner
  • measuring cups
  • non-reactive pot to make jam in
  • masher and spoon for mixing


  • 9 cups blackberries
  • 6 cups sugar


  • Wash and dry your berries. Once you have picked or obtained your berries you will want to wash them with clean water to be sure to get rid of any bugs that may be lurking on them. Pat dry the berries or allow them time to dry before starting to cook down.
  • Gather materials. This job calls for a boiling water canner, plus a pot to mix the jam in and another to heat the jars before filling. You will also need a potato masher, stirring spoon, a one cup measuring cup, jars, lids, bands, jar lifter, and a towel.
  • Fill the boiling canner. Put at least half as much as what you will need with water and turn it on so it is heating up. It is hard to say how much water you actually need because the water level rises with the weight from the jars being added.
  • Place the jars in a pot with water to boil and heat for packing.
  • Put the nine cups of berries and the six cups sugar in the pot to start to cook. Bring it slowly to a boil and be sure the sugar is completely dissolved. As the mixture boils to a thickening point be sure to stir constantly to prevent it from sticking.
  • Remove the jars from the hot water to fill. Remove the mixture from the heat and skim off any foam if needed. Ladle the hot jam into the hot jars leaving ΒΌ inch headspace in the top. Wipe the rims clean and place the lid and band on the jar. Tighten the band to finger tight. Careful as the jars are hot.
  • Place jars on rack and lower into water.
  • Finish filling canner with water- The water needs to be about one inch above the lids of the jars.
  • Place lid on canner and turn heat to medium-high.
  • Time once a full rolling boil is reached. The jars need to be processed for 10 minutes at a full rolling boil.
  • Turn off heat and remove lid.
  • Wait 5 minutes before removing jars- Allow the jars to set in the pan of water before removing.
  • Place on a dry towel or cutting board to cool. With the jar lifter remove the jars from the water and set them on a dry towel. Be sure to leave one inch of space between the jars to allow cooling.
  • Let jars to cool naturally. Do not mess with the jars for 12 to 24 hours before checking the seal.
  • Check the seal and store. Move sealed jars to storage in a cool dark location.