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flower heads on dehydrator tray
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How to Dehydrate Flowers


  • Cut the flower heads from the stems as evenly as possible so they will lay flat on the dehydrator trays or mesh inserts. If preserving just the petals, snip or carefully pluck them from the flower head with scissors - leaves can be removed in the same manner. Stems or roots can be preserved whole (increasing drying time), sliced down the middle or chunked. It will take stems and roots about 12 hours to dry.
  • Place the mesh inserts into the tray, if using them.
  • Spread the flower parts onto the trays leaving space in between them - do not layer. Flower petals do not require as much spacing as whole flower heads.
  • Place the lid onto your dehydrator machine.
  • Choose the lowest heat setting or the one designated for herbs, and start the machine.
  • Rotate the trays about every two hours - optional but highly recommended.