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(please overlook the junk!)

Tonight, I type this post with callused hands, and a proud spirit.

A few months ago we bought a used white picket fence for an awesome deal (after some “negotiating” on my part) off of craigslist. My husband hasn’t had much time at all to work on it, so only part of the front yard fencing is up.

First of all, let me tell you, if you ever consider purchasing a used custom built fence, be ready for problems when it comes time to install it in your own yard. The fence we bought has been such a pain, as it was not built straight and is really uneven in our yard. Oh well. That’s what you get when you go cheap I guess. We can live with it. Some strategic planting and you’ll never know the difference!

The rest of the uninstalled fencing has just been laying on the ground for months. Today, I decided I couldn’t wait for Jerry to have time to work on the fence any longer. It’s up to me to get the job done. None of the back yard fencing was up yet, so I decided to start there.

I raided my husbands tool shed and gathered my equipment: a hammer, big heavy duty nails, a socket wrench, some bolts, a tape measure, and the post hole digger. I mustered my determination and hoisted one of the fence panels off of the ground.

Umph! Oh my goodness it was HEAVY!! It took every bit of my strength to drag that panel, inch by inch, to it’s destination. I was fortunate that two of the holes for the posts had already been dug, though I did have to dig out a little more from each hole. Picking up the large posts to put in each hole was comparable to me trying to pick up my 200+ pound husband!! Good grief they were hard to lift! Getting the fence panel onto the notches on the posts by myself was tricky. And you should have seen me flailing that hammer, driving those nails like one tough mama. I think I hit the fence post more than I hit the head of the nails… but I got them in.

After I got the first panel up I began work on the next. Again, the holes were already dug. Unfortunately, they weren’t spaced right. Another mistake learned… don’t dig the holes ahead of time, dig them as you go! Anyways, I had to re-dig the hole using the post hole digger. Little by little I dug the hole out about two feet deep, and set the post.

When my husband pulled up in the driveway and found me nailing up my last post, he couldn’t believe how much I’d done! He said, “Man! I should have let you do the whole thing! This looks better than what I did!”

It felt good to step back and see how much I had accomplished. All in all I got two 16 ft. panels, and two gates up today. I’m very proud of myself. Those wooden fence panels are extremely heavy, especially handling them by my petite self. I plan on working on it some more tomorrow if the weather is nice. Maybe I’ll finish it this week!!

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  1. what a worker you are! a real go getter! ( with more energy than I ever had in my whole life) you deserve dinner out, or at least in from the local fast food drive in window!


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