Winter Wonderland

We got our first snow of this winter on Christmas day. It was so beautiful!

Not so good when you’re driving a minivan though.

We got stuck in the snow. Like, couldn’t move- stuck. And had to call for help. See the picture above? That’s our driveway. The fresh tracks are my dad’s SUV coming to rescue us and take us home. You can’t really tell from the photo, but our driveway goes down a very steep hill, and across a little bridge. Too scary to attempt in anything that’s not a 4-wheel drive.

By evening the trees were so heavy with snow we knew we wouldn’t have power for long. And we didn’t. It was fun getting to practice non-electric living though! We brought out all of our oil lamps, lit a fire in the wood stove, and bundled up for the night.

I thought it was somewhat nostalgic carrying that oil lamp from room to room as our only source of light. Brushing the kids’ teeth, and getting them ready for bed by the dim glow was sorta nice. I had to laugh at myself; even though I was carrying the lamp, I would still try flipping on the light switch with my other hand when entering a room, merely out of habit.

Three year old Titus didn’t understand why we were using the oil lamps. He went around the house trying all of the lights. I tried to explain that we’d lost power, and that any switches or plugs wouldn’t work. So he then went through his toybox testing out all of his toys, and proudly announcing which ones worked. No explaining the difference between battery power and electricity to that boy. He’s so silly.

While “roughing it”, I realized a couple of things that we could still use; a kettle to put on the wood stove to heat some water in, and a wind-up clock! If we hadn’t had my husband’s cell phone to look at, I would have had no idea what time it was.

I was also thinking we should get an old turn-dial rotary telephone, as they will still work even when the electricity doesn’t.

The power came back on before dawn, so it wasn’t out that long. I’m thankful for the practice run though. You can never think of everything you’d need until you actually need it.

Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a few more days. Just thankful that we are stuck at home, and not in an airport somewhere!

So, what about you. Get any snow for Christmas?? Anyone have to rough it for a little while with no electricity?

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  1. We had an adventure like this about a month ago. There was an ice storm on a Thursday night and we lost power Friday morning at 9am. Our power didn’t come on till almost midnight that night. I was so thankful that we had a woodstove to not only keep the house warm but for me to be able to cook on as well. I was able to boil water to heat the baby’s bottle, cook something warm for supper and lunch. We used a camp lantern ( battery powered) and flash lights when it started getting dark out. I was able to heat water to give the kids a bit of a sponge bath and wash faces and brush teeth. During this time it got me thinking that this is how my great grandparents grew up and the difference between then and today.

  2. I keep looking on craigslist for a wood stove that I can afford and is new enough to have some of the closer clearances. 2 years ago my daughter and her hubby were without power for 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks! An ice storm hit KY and it just took a long time.
    It got me thinking, how would we make it because even though we have a wood furnace it is dependent on electric for the blower. So I keep looking for a wood stove. If another power outage happened, I would feel obliged to go get my mother in law as her house is all electric dependent. So trying to plan for the future what if’s!

  3. You don’t need a rotary phone – just a simple phone that plugs into the phone jack, but doesn’t also plug into an electrical outlet.

    Although, rotary phones are pretty cool…. if you can find one. 😉

  4. Sounds like the power was out just long enough for it to be kind of fun, but not get old. We had a few inches of snow, too, but didn’t lose power. By the way, you don’t need to get one of the older turn-dial rotary phones–a regular touch tone, push button one that’s attached to it’s base with a cord will work. It’s just the cordless ones that you remove from the base and carry around with you that require electricity to work. We just picked up a push button corded one at the store for about $10. We keep one corded one so that we can call in power outages to the electric company when they occur.

  5. When we first moved to our home any time there was a strong wind the electricity would go out so we go a lot of practice living a non electricity life. It would only usually go out for a few hours at a time.
    We didn’t get snow this year, just rain. One year we were driving home from my in laws and it was snowing at our house and the electricity was out. We had an adventurous Christmas that year. Putting on chains will on a steep road, rescuing two separate stranded families, then running out of gas a block away from our house. Plus the electricity was out when we finally got home. It was a Christmas to remember 🙂

  6. Oh how we prayed for snow! No such luck though. Glad you were all safe and able to get rescued. 🙂

    We lost power about a week ago. It was a huge eye opener for us too, in what we need to make sure we have on hand. I’d let a few things slip like having bottled water, some easy cook meals and flour ground. OH, and coffee too. I generally buy whole bean coffee and use an electric grinder. Just a few things we are adding to our pantry.

    Merry Christmas! The view from your home is beautiful!

  7. We had snow yesterday and today, most of it melted as it hit the ground but the kids loved to watch it. My mom has always wanted it to snow on Christmas day, so this year she got it. She could not get up to go out but I opened the curtains so she could watch it, this will probably be her last Christmas, her health is going down hill fast. (So glad she got the snow this year)

  8. How fun to be able to “rough” it…just for a little while! Lucky you had that wood stove installed when you did, otherwise it would’ve been a rather chilly night! What a fun way to spend Christmas, in all that snow! No fresh snow for us here…but we’re still been wading in a few feet since November, so that’s okay 🙂

  9. No snow for us…. It is suppose to get down to about 17 degrees tonight and stay cold for a few days though, so who knows. We rarely get snow here, if we do it’s just a flitter, rarely enough to knock out power. We do live out in the boonies though, and we occasionally lose power with heavy storms, heavy rains or when someone runs into a light pole ( hey it happens every so often). Last year we were out of electricity for 5 days. It was too bad really. We had plenty of covers on our beds and we also have oil lamps, candles and flashlights so that helped.

    Your pics are beautiful.

  10. That hill does look a little scary with the snow and all! Glad you had someone to help you and that you enjoyed “practicing” going power-less, lol! We didn’t get our snow until past midnight, so ours was about a day late. Merry Christmas!

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