We Found Some Pre-1965 Silver Coins

Here’s a quick tip from my husband today: before spending any change you are given, be sure to examine dimes and quarters very closely.

These coins, as well as half-dollars made before 1965 were made of 90% silver:

pre-1965 silver coins
Some “junk” silver coins my husband has found in his change.

With the price of silver continuing to climb, hovering around $30/oz lately, these coins are worth significantly more than face value. So keep them!

Here’s another interesting article about collecting these coins. Have you been saving your pre-1965 silver coins?

13 thoughts on “We Found Some Pre-1965 Silver Coins”

  1. My husband has a few. Old coins and they are all silver they go from 1916 to 1956 quarters dimes nickles and we are trying to find out what they are worth

  2. A while back I watched the news and they had a piece on pennies. I believe they had interviewed a man who had saved old pennies (guessing here… 1982 and older) he turned them in for more money. But for the life of me I cannot locate online where or who you would turn them into? Anyone know about this?

  3. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to save half dollars from 65-68…not as much silver as pre-65, but still at least had silver in them:)


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