How to Make Bread Flour Substitute Yourself

Tonight, I was preparing to make my Mother-In-Law’s most coveted rolls, when I realized I was out of bread flour. I have tons of all purpose flour though. Could I substitute that for the bread flour?, I wondered. I had to look it up and see what I could find out.

Without going into all of the properties of the different flours (’cause that’s kinda boring to me), I’ll just say that Bread flour is higher in gluten, and when used will yield a loftier, chewier loaf. If you substitute All Purpose flour when a recipe calls specifically for Bread flour, your loaf will be more dense, and flatter than it would have been.

Bread flour is a little more expensive to buy than All Purpose. But I found out something exciting tonight (well, exciting in my little world, that is!).

You can make your own bread flour by simply mixing one cup of All Purpose flour with 2 Tablespoons of something called Gluten Flour. Isn’t that awesome?! I haven’t done the math yet, but I’m thinking that this could be a real money saver. Plus, you wouldn’t have to store several different types of flour.

I’ve never noticed Gluten Flour in the grocery stores, but I’m wondering if it’s there. You can get it many places online, including on Amazon. I’d also like to check out our Amish Store and see if they carry it as well. I’ll have to do some price comparisons and see where I can find it the cheapest.

Just thought I’d share this with you guys. I thought that was a pretty cool discovery!

Have you used Gluten Flour when baking your bread? Do you have a favorite place to get it from, or any advice to share?

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  1. I use Bob’s Red Mill Vital wheat gluten all the time. I find it at Fry’s (Kroger chain) in the natural food section. It really improves the texture of whole grain bread. I grind my own wheat and rye to bake. A tablespoon of VWG for each 4.5 ounce ‘cup’ of flour keeps the bread from being too crumbly and dry. It is also virtually pure protein, so gives you a little nutrition bump. For food storage, it is available in #10 cans from several sources including Honeyville Grains.

  2. Interesting! You can find at Sams and really good price some bread flour (25lb bag) for $8. Thank you for sharing with us : )

  3. I find it as “Vital Wheat Gluten” in the health food section of our grocery store. Bob’s Mill is one brand. We buy it in bulk now from our co-op. That’s a lot of Vital Wheat Gluten under the house! 🙂

  4. And to think I have been doing making my own bread flour and didn’t even know it! lol

    I have been using gluton in my bread for a couple of years. I can get it very cheap at a place called Sharp Shopper here in VA.

    Thank you for sharing this!



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