We Have Carrots!! (First homegrown carrot, 2009)

I went out to look at my garden the other day to make plans for covering it this Fall. I was walking around looking at all the dead plants when I noticed something in the carrot patch. Carrot tops! I was surprised because I thought we’d lost all of our carrots when a little rabbit found his way into the garden and nibbled all of the carrot tops off.

Out of curiosity, I dug one up. I really didn’t expect to find a carrot under the ground. But as I lightly brushed the soil away from the base of the green plant, sure enough something orange was peeking out at me. I was so excited! I pulled it out and found a cute little carrot dangling in front of me. Our very first carrot!

I called the kids to come and see. Jada was particularly excited about it. We went inside and washed it. It was so tiny! I let Titus and Jada take a little bite of it, then I tasted it. All three of us exclaimed, “Mmmm!” It was so sweet!

I’m gonna leave the rest of the carrots in the garden alone for a while. Hopefully they’ll get bigger! I don’t expect much, since the garden soil is mostly red clay, but we’ll see.

So, though this first carrot was so small, it gives me hope of bigger carrots in the near future!

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  1. Lanna – Really? They are okay to leave in the ground in the winter?? Where do you live – do you get a lot of snow/cold weather??

    I’m really curious about this!

  2. I’ve actually had better luck sowing carrot seed in July (they germinate super quick with the heat!!) and letting them sit all year. Then when we can see the ground or dig in the snow enough, say, in March or April, voila! Carrots! When everything else is covered in snow, it’s a nice welcome surprise. I do just do carrots in raised beds though – I’m too much of a chicken to attempt them in the main garden bed because we have a heavy clay/rock soil under everything. And if you ever have issues trying to get the garden all planted at once in the spring, this is a nice way to kinda space things out.

    Plus then you can also pick a few really awesome looking ones of the same variety, transplant to a different location if need be and let them go to seed so you have carrot seeds to plant the next year. 😉 I’ve done orange carrots (last year) and purple carrots (this year) so far – I’m just rotating my way through saving carrot seeds each year. 😀

  3. We have had bad luck with carrots – they’re always tiny, skinny little things. Taste great, but too small to do much with.

    I was told they need sandy soil (actual sand mixed in!) because it ‘gives’ and allows them to grow better. I have clay, too, so maybe that’s why?

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