Vacation Reflections

Boy, am I glad to be home! I knew I’d miss the place, but after being on vacation for the last few days I was so ready to come back!

My husband, the kids, and I all drove to the coast for a little beach getaway over the weekend. Once a year, my entire family (paternal grandparents, dad, sister and her family, aunts, uncles and cousins) all go down to enjoy a long week together. We didn’t think we’d get to go this year (the farm sitter thing), but ended up being able to at least catch the tail end of everyone’s visit.

During the day, everybody kinda went their own ways as usual. But traditionally we all get together in the evenings for dinner at my grandparent’s beach house. I was looking forward to playing games as a family late into the night like we always do.

This year though… “family time” was pretty disappointing. Maybe they’d just had all their fun before we were able to join in?

The first night we went down, we got there a little after dinner had finished. Everyone was in the living room, and greeted us excitedly as we came in the door. I’m always happy to see my family. We went to our rooms, unpacked, and settled in.

But as the evening progressed, I couldn’t help growing disappointed with our surroundings. As I glanced around the room, almost every single person was either glued to a computer screen/laptop, texting, or zoning out on television. I sat and tried to watch tv too, but the constant referrals to adultery and “alternative lifestyles” (to put it nicely) were finally too much. I picked up one of my old-fashioned-living books to read, but it was hard to focus.

The kids were in bed, so I decided to step outside and enjoy the night air on the front porch. I was so thankful when my husband followed after me a few moments later. He’d been feeling the same way I was. It was much nicer outside. We sat together, talking, listening to the crickets chirping, and taking in the warm, salty breeze.

I missed home already.

The next morning, we spent some time on the beach. The kids LOVED playing in the sand and splashing in the breaking surf. For lunch we drove a little up the coast to visit some friends of ours whom we only have the pleasure of seeing maybe once or twice a year. We had such a great time with them! It was so refreshing spending time in good conversation, and laughing at our children playing together. We ended up staying late into the night.

The rest of our vacation we decided to spend out and about. We played on the beach some more, took the kids to a fun museum, and ate out for dinner. The last day we were there we at least got to spend a little time with my grandparents and my dad on the beach.

Did I mention how glad I am to be home again?

The trip did do me some good though. By our last day, I felt refreshed… not that I’d rested, but in that I was so thankful for what I had to come back to. I was ready to jump back in 100%.

I missed the animals. And the garden. The peaceful quiet of the country. And a house filled with the sounds of children playing and adults in meaningful conversation.

I love my extended family. We are blessed with good relationships. I just wish we’d been able to enjoy each other more. You know, sharing what’s going on in our lives, laughing over a game…

Technology. Fooey.

5 thoughts on “Vacation Reflections”

  1. With all the noise in our world and all the options we have it is easy to express our individuality in exploring our world either by internet or interactive television, computer, phones, etc. What is lost in those options are the quiet moments we share with family in fellowship and understanding of each other. In my experience I have come to cherish those quiet moments with my children as they return from their adventures in the world and share their stories with us. You are lucky to have learned to listen to the world around you without the hum of technology polluting your senses.

    It is always nice to spend time with extended families to discover what their interests are and compare then take from them that which enhances our being even if it reinforces the path that we have chosen.

  2. I understand how you feel completely.We have had vacations like that as well.That is when you just get up and go find things to do with the kids.:)I always enjoy going on vacation but coming home….is just so nice.Some of our relatives have a Wii and since we do not play games like that at home the kids do enjoy it,but we have found very limited time spent like that is best as we like that they like to play outside and create their own fun here at home.No need to fill their minds( or ours) what is offered in this world.Glad you were able to get away though and come back to appreciate the good things about home.:)

  3. Oh girl – I hear ya. Isn’t it funny how exciting it can be to leave…and how even more exciting it is to come home?! I love that feeling. We were gone out of town for a little over a day this past weekend, and I when I got home, I could hardly get out to the garden fast enough! I love your old-fashioned, anti-tv, anti-texting, conversation lovin’ soul 🙂

  4. I’m so happy for your guys to find “your” time in all the disappointment our families can at times bring us. Good for you for getting out there and finding that good old fashioned family time. I also love my extended family, but they are too wrapped up in the worldy things. I don’t like being away from home either, but it sure feels good to come back refreshed and ready to go at it again. We need that sometimes.

    Blessings to you and yours


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