Toads in the Garden

My Jada.

She’s not a typical little girl.

Instead of playing with dolls, she’d rather be catching toads. I love that.

But this also means she wants to bring them inside as pets.

I figure, as long as she’s taking care of them 100%, they’re a great way for her to observe nature and learn a little responsibility. And I must admit, she has been fantastic about taking care of “Dappled Grey” and “Sapo”. (She cracks me up with the names she produces for her critters!)

They are currently housed in a little aquarium, which she has furnished with rocks, plants, and a small bowl of water. Every morning she goes outside and catches all of the grasshoppers she can find to put in the tank for the toads to eat (making sure to collect twice as many on Fridays so she can observe the Sabbath.) She’s also great at catching houseflies, which they love. And she never gets tired of watching them catch their meal, and swallow it whole.

But the other day she was complaining of having a hard time finding grasshoppers. I told her to look in the garden ’cause they’re all over my pepper plants!

And then it occurred to me… a pure stroke of genius… and I spoke it aloud,

“Hey! We should put toads in the garden to eat the pests that are destroying everything!”

Think about it. I could build a chicken wire cover for the raised beds, and put toads in there to live. Did you know that one toad can kill up to 10,000 insects in just one summer? Think of the wonderful work they could do in a garden!!

All a frog needs is a nice, cool cave-like structure to live in, made either out of rocks, or an inverted clay pot with a chip in the rim for an opening, and a little bowl of water!

Now that’s sustainable, organic farming!!

I totally have to try that next Spring. We have tons of toads around here all Summer!

Am I a genius or what?!

Okay. Don’t answer that.

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  1. @ Pam W
    If you follow through with potatoes in with your chickens you will want to keep a careful eye. If your chickens decide to munch on the plants you so graciously planted for them, they could die. Raw potato skins are toxic to chickens. Experimentation is great and how we all get better at ourhomesteads, just be careful! 🙂

  2. Clay flower pots with a piece broken off to make a little door turned upside down make a great home for toads. I always keep one in my garden. Put it in a cool place in the raised bed, Barbara

  3. You should definitely give it a try, can’t hurt!

    You could also place small toad houses around the garden to encourage toads to move in. I always seem to find them under crates or rocks, they seem to like cool, dark hiding places. Anything to get rid of all those pesky bugs!

  4. Can’t the toads get through the chicken wire? because if they can’t I want to do this I have lots and lots of grass hoppers and other bugs. We have a pond so I’m sure the grand kids could catch the toads and frogs. Let me know if it works. Thanks Ellen

  5. We usually find at least couple of toads in our high tunnel every summer, and when we find them other places in the yard, we always relocate them to the high tunnel or the gardens. We also had some volunteer potato plants come up in the chicken yard this year (from potatoes that missed being dug up from last year), and the chickens kept them free of potato bugs, while we were constantly battling the potato bogs on our other potato plants; so next year, we will plant all of our potatoes in the chicken yard (the chickens didn’t damage the plants, just picked off the beetles). We all live and learn. 🙂

  6. We have the fattest toad I have ever seen in our garden (no hyperbole here). He looks like a sumo wrestler. Two adult hands could not contain his hefty body. He did a nice job on the squash bugs this summer and he lives under the thick straw that mulches the plants…next to the cool damp soil. I’m glad for my sumo toad!

  7. Jada sounds like my Maddy. My daughter loves to play with every animal or insect she can get her hands on. We also have toads and this year we have seen more frogs than usually. Maddy will spend hours playing and exploring God’s creation outside.
    Hey by the way, I am starting a blog hop this Thursday called Raising Homesteaders. Would love for you to share what your kids are learning on your homestead :).

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