To A Very Special Mother


Today, I want to honor my mother-in-law. I am so incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful person in my life. She is honestly the most self-sacrificing, thoughtful woman I’ve ever met. She gives and gives and gives, and for no reason but out of the love she has for others.

She mends our torn clothes, patches knees, and hems dresses. She sews blankets and pajamas for the children, and little doll clothes for their babies.

She cooks more food than she needs for her own home, and sends the rest with her children. What a blessing it is to me after a long day, to get a call from her letting me know that she has her famous spaghetti to send over to us!

She always offers whatever she has to anybody who needs anything. If there is a need, she is quick to give whatever she can.

She walks me through her garden, pointing out all of her beautiful plants and offers to let me dig some up to take to my own home.

She gives us from the bounty of her garden. And throughout the year she sends with us jars of her canned green beans or homemade jellies. All of the work that she put into preserving her goods is shared with her children.

She has sacrificed the freedom of her retirement to give her time to watching my nieces practically daily. She loves them dearly, but I know it isn’t always easy for her. And anytime we go anywhere she offers to watch the kids.

She picks up clothes for her grandchildren when she finds a good sale.

She records tv shows, or prints off articles, that she thinks would be of interest to us.

She saves the Sunday paper coupons for me, and her table scraps for our pig.

She supports us in everything we do. And offers help and encouragement in any way she can. Whenever I have a question about cooking, canning, gardening, or raising chickens, she is always just a phone call away.

Whenever we need her, Na-na is always there. She never stops thinking of her children. When I married her son almost 10 years ago, she took me into her heart and accepted me as one of her own. She has shown me unprejudiced love, as if I were hers all along.

We love you Na-na. We are all so blessed to have you enriching our lives!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Thank you so much. This was the icing on the best Mother’s Day ever.

    I do love my family so much. Only God knows how much.

    I started to cry and Harry tried to get in my lap to see what was going on.

    Thank you again. I love all of you. I won’t call you back tonight. Talk to you Monday.

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