This picture pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling over the past couple of months.

I had just gotten her out of the bath, dried and dressed her, and had her all ready for bed. I had just put Ty in the bath, and sat down for like 2 minutes to nurse the baby, when Titus yelled to me that Xia was getting wet.

I figured she had her hands in the water.

As you can see… not the case.

She was obviously very happy with herself. The rascal.

What could I do? Well, obviously I took a picture. And I laughed. Then I got her out, dried and dressed her again… and drained the tub.

Sometimes it feels like we are taking things three steps forward and two steps back. You ever feel that way? We are finally making a bit of progress when a setback occurs. Yeah, it’s frustrating, but you have to take everything with a bit of humor. We figure, life is too short to be so uptight about minor interruptions to our plans.

And when the rare times come when we seem to be making progress by leaps and bounds, we enjoy it while we can!

Whatever we do… we cannot stop. To stop moving forward means you are slipping behind, ’cause life won’t wait for you to catch your breath! And so, we keep pressing toward the goal. On so many levels, we keep pressing forward.