water stove

You may have noticed this hideous monstrosity lurking in the background of some of my photos. If so, you have no doubt asked yourself, “What the heck is that thing?”

Well, it’s a water stove.

A what? You ask.

Here’s how it works. It’s like a big outdoor furnace. It has a door on the front that opens up into a firebox. Surrounding the firebox, on the inside of the large drum, are pipes that hold water pumped from the well. When it’s all hooked up to your house and the water lines, and everything is good, it will heat your home and your hot water with fire. It does take minimal electricity, but a small generator is sufficient if we are ever without power.

Sounds really cool, huh? Not lookin’ so ugly now, is it?

We found it on Craigslist and snatched it right up. It came with a few solar panels (which we could do without). We sold them, and actually made a profit off of the whole deal. So, we don’t have any money invested in this thing. Not yet, anyways.

The problem is that we’ve had it sitting in our yard for a year now, and it still isn’t installed. We have no idea how to plumb this crazy thing into the house, nor how to connect it to the heating system. We got a quote from a professional who could install it for us… oh, for the low low price of $3000!! Forget it!

We aren’t sure what to do now. It’s over 20 years old, and has been sitting unused for about three years. We have done a pressure test on it, so we are pretty confident it doesn’t have any places rusted through, but we have no idea how long it will last. It just isn’t worth it to risk such an investment on installation.

I guess we’ll have to pray on it and see what the Lord brings along. If we can get it hooked up, and burn wood to heat our home and our hot water, man, that would be awesome!!! Hopefully we’ll be able to find somebody who can help us, or instructions on how to do it yourself.

If any of you have any idea how to install one of these bad boys, please help us out!!