The Trouble With Goats…

mocha on van

Not only do they eat everything you don’t want them to…

They do this. My poor van.

Anybody know how to keep a goat from jumping on your car??

10 thoughts on “The Trouble With Goats…”

  1. I was listening to cartalk once…radio show on NPR where they discuss how to fix car problems. One guy called in with this same problem. The caller’s idea was to electrify the car…..funny

  2. I have to agree with the other posts – that is a great picture! Couldn’t tell you how to stop them from doing that though :).

  3. We had neighbors with goats when I was a kid. The nanny goat figured out how to jump from the doghouse roof onto the roof of their house. She was standing on the peak by the chimney when we spotted her.


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