spaghetti sauce (Medium)

Last week I slaved for hours over this spaghetti sauce. I processed 15 pounds of tomatoes I’d frozen from my garden, mixed them in a huge pot with a bunch of other ingredients, and let it simmer for most of the day. The house was filled with the wonderful aroma of progress.

This was my first ever attempt at making spaghetti sauce.

I was a little disappointed when it came time to fill the jars. All of those tomatoes, all of that work, and I was only able to fill four quart jars. Still, it was something. “They better be good for all that work!” I told my husband.

When the canning was completed, and the jars were cooling on the wire rack, I found myself smiling at them with pride. Gorgeous. They looked so good!

Tonight, we decided to break into a jar for dinner. I couldn’t wait to devour that rich sauce inside. Spaghetti noodles were cooked, the prized sauce ladled over-top, and the plates were set on the table.

I snuck a little nibble before everybody sat down.

Uh-oh. Oh, no!

I kept my findings to myself.

“Spaghetti!!” Jada shouted as she came into the kitchen, licking her lips in anticipation. “I love spaghetti!”

“Oh, good baby!” *Nervous laugh*. “But… it’s a little different than usual…”

She sat down and eagerly gobbled down her first bite. I tried not to stare too obviously as I watched to see if she’d swallow it down or spit it out. Oh good! She’s eating it!

But the second bite went in with much more hesitation. And then it came, “Mommy, this isn’t so good.”

Nooooooo! Not after all that work!

All of that time and effort could not be for nothing! I was desperate to make it work. I grabbed a heaping spoonful of sugar and sprinkled it over her plate.

“Here baby, maybe some sugar will make it taste better!”

Shameful, I know.

She ate a few of the sweetest pieces off the top, then excused herself from the table.

Drat. No dice.

Nobody else would touch it either. I don’t blame them, really. It wasn’t good. Maybe I used too many peppers or something, but whatever I did caused it to taste really sour. Yuck.

Three more jars of Spaghetti Sauce flop to go… maybe I can add something to them to help with the flavor? Sugar, perhaps??

Obviously I’m in need of a good spaghetti sauce recipe. Anyone care to share??