A dear friend of mine who owns her own house cleaning business shared with me her secret to removing even the most stubborn toilet bowl stains. After trying this for myself, I can tell you firsthand that what you thought would be impossible to clean can truly look as good as new again.

And the best part of this cleaning strategy is that it is all natural. No harsh chemicals, no toxins, not even the slightest odor to worry about!

What’s the secret??

A Pumice Stone.

Just a regular old pumice, the kind that you would use on your feet. They are pretty cheap, and can be found at most stores where the hand/feet care stuff is.

I was half skeptical when I first gave this a try. I mean, we had some major hard water stains in the toilet. You know, the build up and the yellow streaks down the inside of the bowl. Not pretty. No matter what I did or how hard I scrubbed, THOSE stains were staying put. I had simply given up on ever having a completely white potty again.

But after hearing about this trick I had to give it a try. Obviously, it is best if you wear rubber gloves, since you will be scrubbing the inside of the bowl. It will take some elbow grease, but the pumice stone will definitely do the job.

Of course, if you want to make it a bit easier on yourself you should spray the toilet bowl with your favorite cleaner first. I used Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner, but my friend swears by Bar Keeper’s Friend, which is also all natural and can be found at Family Dollar stores, among other places.

So, now you know the secret of the professionals! A simple little pumice.