The Real Housewives

Tonight, I watched the stupidest show ever. The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Hours later, I am still dumbfounded by its stupidity.

When I clicked on that particular channel, IΒ  was expecting to watch a show about real housewives. Hollywood. Go figure.

Now I remember precisely why we got rid of the television in our home. What an absolute total waste of time.

Let me back up and explain why I was killing brain cells watching tv in the first place. In getting my birthing supplies all lined up and prepared, I realized I needed to wash some towels and washcloths to have on hand. But since we don’t have a dryer, and hang dry everything, unless I use a fabric softener my towels aren’t very soft (even adding vinegar to the rinse cycle doesn’t make them fluffy soft). And I didn’t want to put any chemicals on the towels that I’ll be wrapping my newborn blessing in, so I decided to take the kids to my dad’s house to tumble dry a load.

While there, I had nothing to do but sit. I should have brought a book. I really wish I’d brought a book. But I didn’t. So I turned the tv on and flipped channels for like 20 min. before I finally stopped on this particular show.

I was immediately disappointed (though admittedly curious). It wasn’t about housewives. Not real housewives, anyways. It was a show that followed several divas who considered themselves the elite of their town. Why they decided to name the show The Real Housewives, I’ll never understand. (If they want real housewives, well, here we are.)

As I watched the show, against my better judgment, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly sad for these women. They were petty, vindictive, conceited… and absolutely miserable. Their entire existence vanity.

Their burdens were so incredibly superficial. The entire episode was about how stressed out the ladies were over each one trying to out-do the other at a big social event. Each desired to look the best, have the best dress, and make the biggest “statement”.

These women had a whole entourage to take care of their everyday tasks: a wardrobe stylist to pick out what they’d wear that day, a professional make-up artist, hair stylists, personal chefs, housekeepers, and of course, somebody to watch the kid while mom went on with her life as usual, and did some shopping with her assistants. Over $6,000 for a dress and a purse to wear to one party? Seriously?

I can’t even fathom having such a meaningless life.

I couldn’t help but look down over my very pregnant belly, past the grease spots on my shirt from this morning’s oatmeal, at my busy 1 1/2 yr. old little girl who had her mouth open like a hungry little chick as I spoon fed her yogurt from a cup. And I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for having such a fulfilling life.

I smiled and kissed my little one’s head as she looked up and grinned at me.

And I realized, once again, how perfectly content I am.

Life is so short, and precious. Fill it with love. Fill it with simplicity. Fill it with Yahweh.

Nobody will remember what you wore to last year’s party. Nobody will care how much money you had or what kind of car you drove when you are dead.

Your heart, your impact on those around you, and the difference you made in the lives of those who knew you is what will be remembered. Whether it be good or bad.

If there is something in your life that is stealing your joy, give it back to Satan. Remove all of the drama and excess that tries its best to creep into our hearts and destroy us. Lest you find yourself alone and full of regret at the end of your journey.

Real housewives? No. Not those women.

Real housewives are self-sacrificing, not self-centered. They are frumpy at times, with hair pulled back and a naked face. But it doesn’t matter. Their hearts are overflowing; their life has true purpose. They are full of love, and warm hugs, kisses for boo-boos and a warm meal for a hungry tummy.

Yes. Give me spilled milk and bedtime stories over Versace any day.

I love being a real, real housewife.

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  1. Life without meaning is death, Glad to see another woman willing to live. We are rare but we are out there. You wrote a beautiful story with beautiful meaning. thank you.

  2. You are an inspiration. REAL Women like you (and my grandmother) are hard to find in this ‘gimme gimme’ world. Our society has been going the way of the do-do since the 60’s. Thanks for the website and for posting such good things. I enjoy reading your life journey.

  3. “My new favorite quote- “Give me spilled milk and bedtime stories over Versace any day.” Love it! and so very very true.

  4. Congratulations on the little bambino!

    Despite the efforts of women who fought hard for a woman’s right to choose, many women do not have a choice about whether to stay home or not. There are so many women who would love to take care of hearth and home 24/7 but have to work to survive. These “real” housewives on “reality” TV are a slap in the face to women who have no choice but to work outside the home. Having the financial freedom to have one spouse able to stay home is a blessing that many households simply do not have and these women are squandering it. And our society celebrates it. And an awful stereotype is created that says that ALL stay at home moms just troll the malls spending the money as fast as father earns it. It’s sick and sinful.

  5. Hi Kendra!
    Shows like that make me so sad and so sick to my stomach!!
    I couldn’t agree more!
    Congratulations on your newest blessing! He is precious!!

  6. Thank you for writing a post like this! I agree with you so much on this! Mom’s like us are the real housewifes, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I feel sorry for the women you described. They are missing something in their lives and I think it is God. Listening to you tell about this tv show, makes me feel even though we don’t know these people we could pray that they see God’s light and know that they don’t need all of that to be a child of His and that just having Him in your life is fullfilling enough!

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all those real,real homesteading, child loving, hardworking,God following Mothers out there! πŸ™‚

  7. Bravo.. Couldn’t of said it better. I hate these so called reality tv shows. My life is glamorous, even if i don’t have money and live a simple life (in a small house), because of the love inside and out we show & have for each other. Money is nice, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t what matters most.

  8. AMEN!!!

    Most days my I put my hair up in a knot (bun) throw on a tshirt and a pair of pants and go on with the day. I never worry how I look because my kids don’t care what I look like or how I dress just that I am there when they are hungry, tired, hurt, etc, or needing me for whatever they need me for.

    I couldn’t be one of those housewives on tv way tooo much drama!!!

    Enjoy your mother’s day!!


  9. Kendra: Just found your blog and this was EXACTLY what I needed tonight. This week has been one of the hardest with my 3 little ones. We JUST moved into a new home last weekend only to be greated with a week FULL of the flu. We have all had our share of the sickness and the kids have been off routine and so cranky. I was so weary tonight and was having such a bad attitude. Then I read this post and it reminded me of what a true houswife of Yahweh was…if you do it to the least of these then you do it unto me. WOW! I was soooo convicted! Thank you for that & may the Lord bless you. Life is so short, and precious. Fill it with love. Fill it with simplicity. Fill it with Yahweh. <3

  10. I couldn’t agree more, Kendra. And it’s so sad that these women are clawing their way through life trying to feel fulfilled, but missing the mark and actually moving further and further away from what truly satisfies. You will have a blessed Mother’s Day because you have really BEEN a mother to your children; they will rise up to bless you one day and your cup will run over, full to the brim!

  11. Sounds like you know what true happiness is!! Funny how you can spend your whole life looking for it, and suddenly realize it’s right in front of you looking back at you from the highchair.

  12. How DO they call it REALITY tv? It’s all stupidity and nonsense. It is scary that this is what the American public prefers to watch tho isn’t it? Kim

  13. Thank you so much for sharing. I am doing the same thing right now, washing baby clothes, blankets and towels for another blessing due anyday now…. Life has been really hard lately and I really needed this reminder of the blessings that I have….

  14. ive never watched that show, I belive that most “reality t.v. ” nowadays is overly dramatic acting, I agree, its worse than stupid, and it amazes me, that someone must be watching it to keep it on the air! I admittedly like to watch some t.v, but I dont watch trash and I dont have it on just for the sake of “noise”. Have you considered hooking your dryer back up for a little while? I cant imagine doing all the work you do, even when I was younger with less kids, I still never had your get up and go!

    • Sandra,

      We actually sold the dryer, lol, so no going back now! No, I really do enjoy hang drying our clothes. Surprisingly, it isn’t any more of a burden at all. You just don’t get the soft towels w/out fabric softener, which I do use occasionally, but like I said, didn’t want to use for the baby πŸ™‚

  15. This hits home for me. I work only 2 days a week and the rest of the week I work harder and don’t get paid so a lot of days I’ve not even dried my hair let alone put make up on or dressed in something that is not stained. I also love being a housewife and mother.

  16. What a great article, Kendra! So true…..

    “Real housewives are self-sacrificing, not self-centered. They are frumpy at times, with hair pulled back and a naked face. But it doesn’t matter. Their hearts are overflowing; their life has true purpose. They are full of love, and warm hugs, kisses for boo-boos and a warm meal for a hungry tummy.”

    Well said! God bless you and all the real housewives who never get recognized for the gems they really are.

  17. I must be in a sentimental mood for mothers day. That post made me cry tears of happiness that I am not one of those moms!. It makes me grateful to not have a ton of money to rule my life.


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