The Odd Couple

dog and pig (Medium)

These two… they just crack me up! Every time I look out the back door, this is what I see!

The other day Jerry had brought home some more icing buckets for me. He set them on the steps for me to wash out with the hose, since they still had some icing in them. Well, the pig discovered them before I got to them. Before we could stop her she’d had her fill, and was covered with icing from her snout to her ears!

We found her sitting on the back steps with the puppy licking her face clean. What a sight! (Of course, they never let me capture the moments like that on camera!)

I’m pretty sure the pig thinks she’s a dog.

5 thoughts on “The Odd Couple”

  1. seriously, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying!
    I just LOVE this photo, and that story…it’s hilarious!

    Oh, if only I could see the puppy licking off the pigs face, I can only imagine how cute that must have been!

    What a pair!


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