Today On The Homestead: Wacky Predator, Toxic Discovery, Barn Troubles, And Tragedy Averted

It has been another busy and new experience-filled week here on the homestead, folks. I thought the swarming yellow jackets who deeply disliked their nest under the boards of an old barn we are tearing down and repurposing would be the most exciting part of my week…but I was wrong. Let’s start with the yellow … Read more

Today On The Homestead: Creek Exploration, Teaching Self-Reliance Skills, and New Additions

We had 48 straight hours of no rain on our homestead this weekend! We made great use of all the dry daylight hours we could to get some spring maintenance and upgrading projects going once again. But our weekend was not filled entirely with sweaty homestead chores. Nope, we worked in some self-reliance skills training … Read more