The Man From The Mill

Remember the shy man we met at the mill a few months ago, the one who shared with us how he’s been building his food storage? We finally got a chance to spend time with him. It was a fascinating visit!

The Old Stone Wall

Though it doesn’t look like much at first glance, underneath the brittle leaves hides a 200 year old stone wall. And within it’s layers I have uncovered some cool little treasures!

A Chicken Stew

A Southern tradition in Fall is to have a Chicken Stew. Family and friends gather outside on a cool night to enjoy the stew that has been slow cooked in a huge pot over a flame.

Finding Balance Around the Homestead

two kids and a dog under a table with pots

“Lately it’s been on my mind a lot… this struggle that I have for superficial perfection. Not in me, but in my home. And I’m finding that it doesn’t fit well at all with the homesteaders lifestyle. My modern ideals are conflicting with this inner longing for a simpler, back-to-basics lifestyle.”