Pork Roast in Pressure Cooker Recipe

pork roast in pressure cooker

A good pork roast makes for a great meal, but if they are not cooked properly, they can be tough, dry, and not very desirable or exciting. To defeat the “overdone and dry” situation, most people will cook their pork roasts low and slow on a grill or smoker, or in a slow cooker. This … Read more

Cardamom Honey Coffee Recipe – Quick and Easy

cardamon coffee

This recipe makes a very strong, sweet coffee. The preparation method below is with a French press, which is my favorite method of brewing coffee. A French press consists of an outer shell, a carafe which fits into the shell, and a lid with a filter screen plunger attached. The ground coffee is infused into hot … Read more

Simplest Homemade Donut Recipe

homemade donuts

Making donuts might seem like a tedious chore that only a real baker could pull off to any degree of deliciousness. While making dough from scratch is one of the few things I can always pull off in the kitchen, it does take a lot more time than most folks have on any given morning. … Read more

Delicious Mocha Coffee Recipe

mocha coffee featured

So easy to prepare and so good. Accompaniments sliced oranges chocolate cake Origins Café mocha, or chocolate coffee has been around since chocolate was brought to Europe from the Americas. Coffee and chocolate have an affinity for each other; the flavors blend with each other and complement each other. The term mocha originally referred to … Read more

Homemade Coffee Chews

Homemade Coffee Chews

These are delicious little nuggets of coffee, fat and protein. Storage & Uses Coffee nuggets will keep in the fridge for about three weeks. They can also be frozen for about 6 months. Each coffee chew contains peanut butter, with 8 grams of heart healthy fat per tablespoon, and about 57 mg of caffeine per … Read more

Delicious Affogato Recipe

affagato coffee

This can be served for dessert, or is good anytime. In the summer, I will get a small cup of soft ice cream, and a small hot coffee. Mix the two together in a large cup, and the results are delicious. Good ice cream or gelato flavors are: Vanilla Chocolate Salted caramel Coffee Brew the … Read more

Maple Buttered Coffee Recipe

Maple Buttered Coffee

There is a trend of putting butter in coffee. I find this sweet and creamy version more palatable. Accompaniments Nutella and butter on a baguette Raspberry jam and butter on a baguette Origins This coffee is inspired by three other beverages. In Tibet, people drink a smoky tea loaded up with yak butter and pink … Read more

Traditional Oxtail Soup Recipe

oxtail soup

Oxtail. It sounds fancy, elegant, and difficult to use in everyday cooking – but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Oxtail, simply the culinary name for the tail of cattle (technically the tail of a steer) typically weighs about three pounds and is skinned and cut into short, usable lengths for cooking. Oxtail not … Read more

How to Make Maple Syrup Step by Step

maple syrup

In February, when winter shows a few signs of being tired out – and yet it can still drop cold weather and snow on you in a heartbeat – it is time to tap those sugar maples and make some syrup! Maple syrup is delicious, and a real treat you can make from scratch right … Read more

Coffee with Cognac – Simply Delicious

black coffee with cognac

This is just so good on a cold winter night. Cognac and coffee were made for each other. The addition of Cognac lends a completely new spectrum of flavors to coffee. In my opinion, this is about the only way to drink Cognac other than serving it neat. The only other way might be with … Read more